Piraeus Port, your cycling and bike rental gateway to Cyclades islands

Greece's main port for Cyclades and island hopping


Bike rental starts right at the ferry, at the port or Piraeus

We are proud of our delivery and collection service, since over the years we have developed our service in a way that enables us to deliver your bike rental, practically, anywhere in Greece. In our short history, we have arranged for some really exotic delivery and collection scenarios for cyclists who seek to make the most of their days in Greece and enjoy as many cycling rides as possible. But what happens in case you are looking to rent a bicycle when you are visiting the islands of Cyclades?

We made it simple for you. Just visit booking.grcycling.com/your_island to get an instant quote. Our software checks the availability using some state of the art algorithms and returns with the most affordable pricing. That said, the logistics when delivering rental bikes on the islands are not always an easy puzzle to solve, with this to occasionally result in higher delivering costs. Sharing an example may make things easier to grasp. Let's assume that you request for 2 x road bikes delivered at a villa in Paros, where you have decided to spend your days with your friends and family. In the case the bikes are already in Paros, you will pay only the cost for one our staff to deliver your rental road bikes at the villa. However, if the bikes are on an other island or at our Athens main warehouse, the cost of us getting you the bikes may be higher. But is the a way to avoid those kind of charges?

Collecting your rental bike at Piraeus port is the most cost effective way possible.

The concept of the service is simple: just before you get on board the ferry you collect your rental bike. The majority of the ferries impose no restrictions on you getting the bike along. In the case your ferry is relatively small and catamaran type, then you may face some difficulties to get the rental bike along. Read more on which ferries you can take the bikes along.

How to collect your rental bike from Piraeus.

The process to start your cycling vacations cannot get easier. The only thing we will have to coordinate is meeting with our operations team right in front of the ferry berth point (Gate). In particular:

  1. Choose the right time slot when booking
    During your booking, select the time slot that includes your ferry departure.
    e.g. if your ferry leaves on 16.40 select the 15.00 - 18.00 slot on the delivery/collection panel

    If the slot marginally covers the ferry's departure time select the previous one (that will ensure our ops to be there on time)
    e.g. if your ferry departs on 18.15, then select the 15.00 - 18.00 delivery slot
  2. Fill in the delivery details
    Provide a full description of your cycling/holiday itinerary by clearly stating the name of ferry, the islands you are visiting and when are you coming back.
  3. Be at the ferry spot at least 1.5 before the departure
    Our operations team will be there 1.5 hours to 30 minutes prior your departure, depending on the day's load. Generally, we try to avoid last minute arrangements, therefore, please make sure when you are at the ferry to have enough time to ask our staff all the questions you may have (e.g. information about routes, check that the bike is good condition)

Find your ferry departure gate within Piraeus port and let us have your rental bike delivered on time

Dodekanese - E1 map
Creta, Chios, Mytilene, Ikaria, Samos - E2 map
Crete, Kythira (vehicles entrance) - E3 map
Kythira (vehicles only) - E4 map
Bus terminal & pedestrian's entrance - E5 map
Cyclades, Rethymno - E7 map
Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Spetses - E8 map
Cyclades, Samos, Ikaria - E9 map
Cyclades, Samos, Ikaria - E10 map

Ferry from Piraeus to the Cyclades and then island hopping with a bicycle, but with no limits.

Piraeus is connected to all the islands of the Cyclades archipelago. There are daily departures to the islands of Syros, Paros, Naxos, Mykonos, Tinos and Santorini. The above island are consider to be the main ones where ferry berth at first. From those islands, hopping from one to the other or even the smaller ones around, gets very easy. Get you bike along and explore this wonderful part of the world.

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Is cycling safe in Greece

How safe is cycling / biking in Greece?

Cycling in Greece is wonderfully Safe! Read about drivers behaviour, road conditions & personal safety while cycling Greece. An objective study conducted by our team, which aims to provide the cycling community with reliable and credible information.

Arrival gate for delivering you bike rental at Athens Airport

Bike Rental Delivery at Athens Airport

We can have your bike rental delivered straight at the Athens Airport. Let us know your flight details, your car rental company and how to find you. Our staff will met you there and deliver you the bike without any dealys. Not enough space? Worry not, we can provide you with a bike rack to get your bike anywhere without any logistical hassles.
A van carrying rental bikes ready to deliver them everywhere.

How the delivery costs are being calculated? Is booking earlier better?

A sophisticated system constantly checks both our vans locations and at which of our hubs have the available for your request bikes. Basis those inputs it calculates the costs most optimised and efficient scenario, for us to deliver you bike. The earlier we know about that the better it is.

Cyclists are cycling uphill and they smile, enjoying their bike rental

Rent your bike everywhere in Greece

Athens, Peloponnese or Greek Islands, there is no restriction to where we can deliver your bike rental. In fact we are taking this a step further: just select two different locations that you want your trip to start and end leave all the rest to us. Another great idea is to book your flights on different airports and design a trip that connects those destinations.
Fleet of rental road bikes

A bicycle rental fleet for all needs

No matter if your are cycling to explore a region in Greece or to keep up with your fitness goals, our rental bike fleet covers every need you have. We share the same cycling culture and we know how important renting a proper bike is.