Cycling in Athens (Sounio): Me, Matthias and Frank

Cycling in Athens in December with 18oC

A unforgettable cycling ride, in Athens toward Sounio in December ’18. Two Friends and the Greek nature resulted an extraordinary, perfect day, perfect within this own simplicity and authenticity.
Bicycle spare parts and how they cost in case they ar replaced

Parts replacement costs

A complete list with parts that may need to be replaced in case they are missing or damaged.
Bike Rental Damage deposit and how that is handled by the banks

Damage deposit: how banks handle that as a transaction

Some banks displays the damage deposit as an authorisation and others as a completed transaction. When the amount is refunded it disappears completely from your statements.
Cycling in Andros island Greece

Menites Village, a totally refreshing spot

The water springs and the deep shadows from the trees nearby, make stopping here an imperative part of your cycling day. Fill up your bottles with fresh running water and enjoy the healthy vibe of this village.
View from Ancient Establishment in Zagora - Andros Island

Ancient Zagora, cycle towards Andros first settlements (10BC)

Cycling from the present back to the spot where the first humans came to Andros were established. An exceptional cycling break and with a ultimately secluded beach nearby.
Stenies Village - Andros Island

Stenies village, some of Andros great history starts from here

The smells, the home’s backyards and the lemon trees make this village and ideal coffee stop during your cycling. If you are lucky to talk to of the locals, you will discover the wonderful side of this small village.
Ancient City Ruins in Paleopolis - Andros Island

Paleopolis Andros, a place cyclists should not miss

That is a quiet cycling spot option with great history. Get off the bike and visit the archaeological museum and the submerged ancient city. A beautiful spot to explore on a bike.

Aerial photo of Mistis tower in Andros island

Mpistis Mouvela Tower

A great cycling spot, ideal for a quick break. This fortified tower offered accommodation and protection to small number of families. Visiting the tower by bike is fascinating.
The curative water springs of Sariza - Andros Island

Sariza Spring and its healing properties

The fez (Turkish hat) of Pasa San Riza fell into a stream and was washed away in a spring in the village Apoikia in Andros Island.

Two roads bikes at the entrance of a ferry to get to the Greek islands

Greek Ferry Guide: On which ferries can I get my bicycle?

A complete list of greek ferries where cyclist can (or not) take their bikes onboard when they travel to Aegean Sea, the Cyclades and the Saronic Gulf.

Is there any insurance plan?

Currently there is no insurance plan that we can offer during your bike rental. We are constantly in discussions with insurance companies that will enable us to offer you an affordable and complete plan.