Rent a bike booking engine

How to rent a bike in Greece?

Booking a bike has never been easier. Go through our how-to guide and have access to the best bike fleet in Greece.
Bicycle spare parts and how they cost in case they ar replaced

Parts replacement costs

A complete list with parts that may need to be replaced in case they are missing or damaged.
Bike Rental Damage deposit and how that is handled by the banks

Damage deposit: how banks handle that as a transaction

Some banks displays the damage deposit as an authorisation and others as a completed transaction. When the amount is refunded it disappears completely from your statements.

Is there any insurance plan?

Currently there is no insurance plan that we can offer during your bike rental. We are constantly in discussions with insurance companies that will enable us to offer you an affordable and complete plan.
Damage Deposit guidelines

Damage Deposit: All you need to know

Is an amount allocated to cover any costs for repairing any parts in case of damages. Our mechanics inspect the bike and if everything is ok, the allocation is lifted. In the event of a damage, we communicate all costs for the repairs in advance, trying to minimise them, prior charging any amounts.
Arrival gate for delivering you bike rental at Athens Airport

Bike Rental Delivery at Athens Airport

We can have your bike rental delivered straight at the Athens Airport. Let us know your flight details, your car rental company and how to find you. Our staff will met you there and deliver you the bike without any dealys. Not enough space? Worry not, we can provide you with a bike rack to get your bike anywhere without any logistical hassles.
A van carrying rental bikes ready to deliver them everywhere.

How the delivery costs are being calculated? Is booking earlier better?

A sophisticated system constantly checks both our vans locations and at which of our hubs have the available for your request bikes. Basis those inputs it calculates the costs most optimised and efficient scenario, for us to deliver you bike. The earlier we know about that the better it is.

Is it sufficient to present a copy of my driving licence / ID?

Unfortunately, a copy of your licence /id will not be accepted at the pick-up point. You will need to present the original document at pick-up. If you have had your licence lost or stolen and have already booked a bike rental through us, we recommend that you either request a name change on the reservation […]

What do I need to pick-up the bike(s)?

Any official document in english that prove your identity.

Can I rent a bike if I am under 16 years old?

No, we will require your parents’ consent.

Can I edit any of my booking details?

Yes you can. Contact us and our agent will ensure to meet your requirements

Can I change my dates and / or Locations?

Please send us an email with your request and your existing booking number.