A cycling destination that has everything

The scenery and the views the greater region of Leonidio offers, got us by surprise. We couldn’t believe that those beautiful roads could be so breathtaking and welcoming. Mountain passes, plateaus and some of the most beautiful coastal roads we have ever cycled in our lives. A constantly changing scenery is quite typical while cycling on the Peloponnese and Leonio region is not an exception to this wonderful rule. But in this case, the views we experienced and the thrill we felt, had no comparison with any of our trips before. We let our pictures to show you how great our riding was.

Our cycling days in Leonidio

During our cycling trips in the Peloponnese, we had the chance to visit the greater region of Leonidio quite frequently. Our visits however, were brief, mainly a part of the multistages cycling trip (C2C in the Peloponnese), which only allowed us limited time to explore in detail this part of the Peloponnese.

Therefore, we took the initiative to allocate one month to try to find everything about this hidden cycling treasure. We stayed in Leonidio for almost a month (mid Nov – mid Dec 2019), something that made us discover every layer of cycling and culture in the area around it.

We have seen and experienced many remarkable things. We are excited to share all of them with you.

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