Dove Cotes in Agapi Village - Tinos Island

Agapi Village

Agapi, meaning “Love” in Greek, is named after its trademark, the Catholic Church of St. Agapitos. It is a quaint little village, one of the oldest in Tinos.
Cycling in Panormos Village - Tinos Island

Panormos port

Located in a natural bay, Panormos was a crucial seafaring spot, the only harbour in the north of Tinos. Today it is a charming fishing village, with many cozy restaurants and cafes along its beautiful esplanade.
Cycling, Resting in Pyrgos Village - Tinos Island

Pyrgos Village

Pyrgos, widely known as the ‘Marble Village’, is one of the biggest, prettiest and more lively villages in the Cyclades. It is home to the Marble Art Museum and School of Fine Arts.
Cycling, Resting in Tinos Island - Steni Village

Steni Village

Steni is the second largest village in Tinos, and remains rather busy throughout the year. It is a traditional and picturesque settlement, with whitewashed buildings, narrow alleys and stone paved paths.
Great Tinos Church - Panagia Evangelistria - Chora

Panagia Evangelistria

Panagia Evangelistria is perhaps the most famous religious monument in the whole of Greece. Situated in the capital of Tinos, it attracts thousands of devoted Christians who visit the temple as a pilgrimage.
Village under Exomvourgo - Tinos Island

mt. Exomvourgo

Exomvourgo is a steep granite mountain situated in the center of Tinos, an imposing landmark with its rugged, craggy form, overlooking most of the island.
Isternia - Tinos Island

Isternia Village

Built on a verdant slope, Ysternia is one of the biggest and prettiest villages in Tinos. Also known for its sculptors, it hosts a marble art museum.
Cycling in Athens (Sounio): Me, Matthias and Frank

Cycling in Athens in December with 18oC

A unforgettable cycling ride, in Athens toward Sounio in December ’18. Two Friends and the Greek nature resulted an extraordinary, perfect day, perfect within this own simplicity and authenticity.
Cycling in Andros island Greece

Menites Village, a totally refreshing spot

The water springs and the deep shadows from the trees nearby, make stopping here an imperative part of your cycling day. Fill up your bottles with fresh running water and enjoy the healthy vibe of this village.

View from Ancient Establishment in Zagora - Andros Island

Ancient Zagora, cycle towards Andros first settlements (10BC)

Cycling from the present back to the spot where the first humans came to Andros were established. An exceptional cycling break and with a ultimately secluded beach nearby.
Stenies Village - Andros Island

Stenies village, some of Andros great history starts from here

The smells, the home’s backyards and the lemon trees make this village and ideal coffee stop during your cycling. If you are lucky to talk to of the locals, you will discover the wonderful side of this small village.
Ancient City Ruins in Paleopolis - Andros Island

Paleopolis Andros, a place cyclists should not miss

That is a quiet cycling spot option with great history. Get off the bike and visit the archaeological museum and the submerged ancient city. A beautiful spot to explore on a bike.