Cycling and bike rental in Porto Cheli

A marvelous cycling destination in Greece

Cycling here is spectacular

Why cycling is an excellent way to explore Porto Cheli Porto Cheli is a beautiful destination and spoken about by many as one of Greece's best-hidden gems. It has so much to offer anyone who travels there, from its beautiful beaches, gorgeous views, secret coves, and some of the best hospitality Greece has to offer. The perfect way to get around this beautiful region is by cycling, and here's why.

Discovering a top cycling destination

Some of the top cycling resorts in the world have a few things in common. Firstly they have a variety of different terrain, this is something Porto Cheli has so much of, and depending on what
you're looking for, it's here. That relaxed flat coastline coffee ride with a good view of the sea is always a lot of fun. Want to get some elevation in and attack some climbs? You have the option here to by heading inland. Or you could mix it up into the hills for some climbing, and swift descent to a coffee, then take the tailwind home on the coast. It really offers everything a cyclist could want.

The next thing you need some epic sights to view. Not only does Porto Cheli have beautiful hidden beaches and secret coves. It also is only a short hop across to the beautiful islands of Hydra and Septses. Spetses is the smaller of the two and a very scenic island and perfect for a good ride and worth going for the bay's views alone. Hydra is the more oversized island, and it has some fantastic Monasteries.* As far as small Greek islands go, these are two of the most beautiful, in my opinion. When it comes to beaches back on the mainland, a favorite of mine is
the Spiaggia Kranidi, and it is definitely worth staying to see the sunset there. Hidden coves you will find all over the coastline and fill the region with an exquisite sense of mystery.

*Hydra island, despite its big size, has no roads; all cyclists should leave their bikes at their departure port - either Ermioni or Porto Cheli.

Riding your bike on roads with no traffic

Now for the roads, what cyclists love is smooth roads with little traffic, and you know you are getting that here in Porto Cheli. The small roads have very little car use and bigger roads are nice and wide. The locals have a loving appreciation for cyclists too. There's a lot of quiet lanes
in Porto Cheli just begging to be ridden on. Unlike cycling in countries which are established as cycling destinations, it's tranquil here and a really safe place to ride.

Now, as cyclists, we love our coffee, and no epic ride is complete without some fantastic coffee. Porto Cheli has some of the most amazing coffee shops. Having a lovely ride in the hills and coming down into the bay for a coffee to sit and watch the boats while a breeze cools you from a ride is a feeling like no other. It's a perfect coffee destination and a lovely place for some people watching.

Final thoughts

Porto Cheli just has it all, and it's a destination that gives so much in such a small region and caters to every cyclist. Would I recommend a visit? Yes, but make sure you give yourselves a good bit of time as there's a lot to experience and so much exploring to do and getting a bike will be the only thing you need to discover them.

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