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Rent a bike for the race

We have simplified the process so that you and your friends can easily arrange for their bike hire with only a few clicks. You have instant access to our fleet and the process can't get easier and more precise.
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Pricing & Costs

Simple and straight forward pricing. Which is

Your bike rental rate, according to the bike and the accessories that you have selected, plus the delivery fee as per below

  • e100 delivery and collection fee if the total order amount in less than €400
  • free if the order is more than e400

Extras & Accessories

During your checkout process you can add and customise your rental bike with the extras you prefer. We can offer a wide range of accessories, such as: aerobars, power meters, carbon wheelset and others

Road or Tri-bike, which is the most suitable for the Ironman Greece race?

The terrain is not flat and all riders, prior their arrival in Greece, should invest some time to consider which of bike types (road or tri) is going to suit their purpose best.

The cycling route* comprises two segments. Thc flat and the hilly one. During the climbing segments of the circuit the glade cannot be neglected, since it averages more that 5% with 8% - 9% in parts. After the 180o turn at the highest point, the route becomes downhill until the athletes enters the flat part.

According to the both feedback we got from the athletes covering the full spectrum of performance level, and our personal experience, a lightweight road bike, with a wide range gear ratio and a good riding position is more preferable that using a tri-bike which is typically heavier and has typically heavier gear ratio, which great prove its value at the speed goes up. In the case where a road bike is equipped with aerobars, that seems to combine the best of both worlds.

*When the route is covered once. For the full race length of the all the above should x 2 times

What is included in the rental?

Delivery & Collection anywhere close to the race site

Before the race: Weather your are staying in Costa Navarino Resort hotel of at any lodging close to the race spot, your rental bike is being delivered at no additional cost.
After the race: we collect the bike from a location very close to the race spot. You just drop it off after you are done.

Mechanical Support

Our mechanics are going to be there making sure that the bike is in perfect condition, enabling you to enjoy a nice race. They will work with you on fine tuning and adjusting the bike the way you want that to be and make sure they mount all the gear you may have brought along (e.g. tri bars, pedals, saddle bags)

Not able to carry the bike the race, what do I do?

For those you stay at a different hotel than Costa Navarino Resort, getting the bike to the race site on Sunday morning may be a challenge. In this case, when you arrive in Navario, you may not collect your bike, but drive yourself to our GrCycling setup.

From there you can collect your rental bike or drop-off your personal belongings, ride the bike and enjoy your pre race riding. At the end of your session, you leave the bike back to us, collect your belongings and resume your personal schedule. No need to carry the bike along, we will meet each other the following days and we will get your bike to Costa Navarino on the race day.

The experience of racing in this part of Greece

The routes are carefully selected so that every athlete explore their limits sunked in pure awe and enthusiasm. Swimming in the breathtaking, rugged surroundings of the Navarino Dunes beachside and cycling through the tranquility of the old olive tree fields, marge into a spectacular feelling. When this is combined with the mesmerising view of the Ionian Sea and running towards the world’s famous beach, Voidokoilia, with its precise symmetry to create a perfect Omega (Ω) on stunning turquoise waters, visible even from the space make this experience a true blast.

The vivid colors and the gentle light will fascinate you, the authentic smells and the untouched sites will tempt you for more. But it is the effort which is going to merge you with this great, ancient and spectacular place.

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Is cycling safe in Greece

How safe is cycling / biking in Greece?

Cycling in Greece is wonderfully Safe! Read about drivers behaviour, road conditions & personal safety while cycling Greece. An objective study conducted by our team, which aims to provide the cycling community with reliable and credible information.

Arrival gate for delivering you bike rental at Athens Airport

Bike Rental Delivery at Athens Airport

We can have your bike rental delivered straight at the Athens Airport. Let us know your flight details, your car rental company and how to find you. Our staff will met you there and deliver you the bike without any dealys. Not enough space? Worry not, we can provide you with a bike rack to get your bike anywhere without any logistical hassles.
A van carrying rental bikes ready to deliver them everywhere.

How the delivery costs are being calculated? Is booking earlier better?

A sophisticated system constantly checks both our vans locations and at which of our hubs have the available for your request bikes. Basis those inputs it calculates the costs most optimised and efficient scenario, for us to deliver you bike. The earlier we know about that the better it is.

Cyclists are cycling uphill and they smile, enjoying their bike rental

Rent your bike everywhere in Greece

Athens, Peloponnese or Greek Islands, there is no restriction to where we can deliver your bike rental. In fact we are taking this a step further: just select two different locations that you want your trip to start and end leave all the rest to us. Another great idea is to book your flights on different airports and design a trip that connects those destinations.
Fleet of rental road bikes

A bicycle rental fleet for all needs

No matter if your are cycling to explore a region in Greece or to keep up with your fitness goals, our rental bike fleet covers every need you have. We share the same cycling culture and we know how important renting a proper bike is.