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Private and fully customised cycling trips

Select the trip suitable to your fitness level, choose your holiday duration and go for the cycling services you prefer. Customising your cycling trip has never been easier.

Cycling itineraries that match your expectations

All of the trips listed below are designed in a way for you to make the most out of your time in Greece. Based on our experience we discovered that each group is different. Regardless of the number of people each group comprises, arranging a cycling trip can be quite trivia. Making sure to meet the listed dates by the various vendors, booking convenient flights and coordinating with friends on different schedule patterns or time zones, all could result in a project with high complexity.

Cycling vacations with your own terms

Our concept is quite simple:

  1. Choose the itinerary you are interested in.
  2. Select your type of service that fits your expectations and budget.
  3. Get an instant quotation. (input the number of participants and your dates)
  4. Start customising.

Then our travel specialists (all cyclists) will help you out to finetune all those little details to make your cycling vacations a hassle free experience.

Our trips have no fixed departure dates. You are in total control when it comes to the dates your cycling trip should start and finish with absolutely no compromises. You can also change the cycling itinerary to include a rest day or select alternative routes options that fit your cycling profile. Furthermore, you are able to select the supporting services you prefer while staying within your budget and controlling the costs.

What about the cycling events?

Throughout all year, we host a few special cycling events where you can join. These come with fixed departure dates and itineraries, since the goal is to gather as many cyclists as possible and enjoy a multinational cycling culture. For those trips you can only parameterise the time before or after the event, i.e. adding a few days of holiday extra.

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