Meteora Road Cycling

4 days / 3 nights / 4 rides




Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Total Distance: 310km

Total Elevation: 4800m

Bike Types: Road


A truly unique cycling experience at one of the world's most impressive sites. Cycle around the bizard shaped rocks, visit the breathtaking monasteries and explore the surrounding, verdant nature or Lake Plastira.

Self Guided
from €600/person
Fully Guided
from €840/person
from €1400/person
Prices are valid for March, April, June, July, October and November for groups of 8 with double occupancy (double or twin room)
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Day 1

Shuttle away from Athens & Cycling up to Lake Plastira

Distance: 80km Elevation: 1100m

Day 2

Cycling up a beautiful climb & head to Meteora

Distance: 92km Elevation: 1500m

Day 3

Cycling around the Lake Plastira, a marvelous ride

Distance: 57km Elevation: 800m

Day 4

A stunning farewell ride & shuttle to Athens

Distance: 85km Elevation: 1400m

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Prices are indicative for groups of 8 persons *

Self Guided

Bikes, Shuttle, Accommodation & Support

€600 / person

Fully Guided

Bikes, Shuttle, Accommodation, Support & Guides

€840 / person


Bikes, Shuttle, Accommodation, Meals, Support, Guides & Luxury treatments

€1400 / person

* for March, April, June, July, October and November. For other months, the price will be adjusted accordingly.


Cycling around Meteora, a fascinating experience

Among the destinations we have cycled, the landscape of the Lake Plastira and the unique, breathtaking curve shaped rocks of Meteora, takes cycling to a totally new level.

The peaceful wetland and the calm water of the lake have provided us with this sense of isolation and ultimate privacy which turned our riding for just wonderful into a thrilling experience. The routes that made us fall in love with this place, the same ones selected here, are full with colors, smells, and constantly changing landscapes.

We have hard time to describe the feeling of amazement, to which all have surrendered, when, after the descent from Petrouli, we begun to discern the famous Rocks of Meteora. It was like the scenery was calling us to to merge into, and every pedal stroke was getting us closer and closer. (Alex was constantly making those crazy screams… well everyone has his own ways of expressing the excitements.)