Poseidon's Quest




Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Total Distance: 40km

Total Elevation: 300m

Bike Types: Road, Fitness & E-bike


The wonderful Athens Riviera is a fitting prelude to this enchanting route. Ride along the coast until you reach the majestic ancient temple of Poseidon in Cape Sounio.

Self Guided
from €130/person
Fully Guided
from €170/person
Prices are valid for January, February, March, April, May, October, November and December for groups of 4
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Cycling the Athenian Riviera


07:30Hotel pick-up

We pick you up from your hotel and shuttle you to the starting point


08:15Bike fitting and adjustments

We fit you on the bike(s) ensuring a proper cycling position. (if you have any recent measurements please let us know in advance)

Short briefing

Sharing a few details and ideas on how to make the best out of the route

08:30Cycling the day's route

Cycle the day's selected route

Coffee stop

at a cafe found on our way

After Cycling

Visit to the Temple of Poseidon

We visit archaeological site of the Temple of Poseidon. That is a powerful spot, with rich history and great significance for the beginning of the western civilization.

14:30Shuttle to the hotel

We shuttle you to the hotel.


Swimming in the open sea

Depending on the weather conditions and the available time, you may jump into the clear water and enjoy a short swim.

Things to see

Cycling in Athens in December with 18oC

A unforgettable cycling ride, in Athens toward Sounio in December ’18. Two Friends and the Greek nature resulted an extraordinary, perfect day, perfect within this own simplicity and authenticity.

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Prices are indicative for groups of 4 persons *

Self Guided

Bikes, Shuttle & Support

€130 / person

Fully Guided

Bikes, Shuttle, Support & Guides

€170 / person

* for January, February, March, April, May, October, November and December. For other months, the price will be adjusted accordingly.


A must-to-ride day's ride

A ride which every cyclist visiting Athens should do! An approx 50 km (~30 miles) long spectacular route of excellent quality asphalt, starting at the edge of the city, crossing the Athens Riviera, towards the imposing ancient temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion. As the distance from the city increases, the ride becomes smoother and the view of the Saronic Gulf to always be a faithful riding companion till it reaches its end at Cape Sounion. The ride is mostly flat with a few challenges along the way. It will only require a few short, but greatly rewarding efforts, to get the rider to the top of those short hills.

Fully adjustable

Whether you are looking for a nice, casual morning ride or an exquisite training session, the nature of this route, enables us to adjust the mileage the way you want it. We can reduce the overall distance to 20- 25 km (~12.5 miles) or extent that to 90 km(~60 miles), or more. Let us know what suits you best, and our agents will help you design a perfect day.