Every summer Greece, with the tourism activity reaching its peak, we frequently receive inquiries from cyclists asking for help on whether they can or cannot take their bikes onboard. Below, we have created a list with the main ferry operators along with information on which of their Ferries taking the bike is allowed.

Blue Star Ferries

Generally, on all of their ferries you can take your bike or your rental one along at no additional cost. In particular we have reviewed the following ferries:

  • Blue Star Chios
  • Blue Star Myconos
  • Blue Star Patmos
  • Blue Star Delos
  • Blue Star 1
  • Blue Star 2
  • Blue Star Paros
  • Blue Star Naxos
  • Diagoras
  • Blue Horizon
  • Blue Galaxy
  • Blus Carrier

Depending on the ferry you might need to secure the bike in the car parking compartment or at a dedicated storage room. From our experience the staff is helpful and they always assist cyclists to secure their bikes.

Hellenic Seaways

The ferries on which you can take your bicycle along are the ones below:

  • Highspeed 4
  • Hellenic Highspeed
  • Nissos Samos
  • Ariadne
  • Nissos Rodos
  • Express Pegasus
  • Express Skiathos
  • Artemis

As per our latest information, there is no cost for that.

There are some hi-speed ferries (catamaran type) that Hellenic Seaways operate, where getting your bike can be a hassle. In particular, you are not allowed to take your bike on the following ferries:

  • Flying Cat 3
  • Flying Cat 4
  • Flying Cat 5
  • Flying Cat 6
  • Flying Dolphin 17
  • Flying Dolphin 19
  • Flying Dolphin 29

Tip: You are still able to take your bike along but you will have to disassemble it and treat it as passenger luggage. Typically removing the wheels is sufficient. For the Flying Cat series, the above practice is easier since generally there is more space for passengers luggage, which will allow you to find some space for it. Remember, it is being treated as luggage, which means that most probably your bike will have to lean against other people’s belongings. For the Flying Dolphin series, the situation is more critical, since the storage compartment is significantly smaller.

Minoan Lines

Not worries here, you can take your bicycle with no problem in all of their ferries. We have reviewed the followings:

  • Η/S/F Festos Palace
  • H/S/F Santorini Palace
  • H/S/F Knossos Palace
  • H/S/F Kydon Palace
  • Cruise Europa
  • Cruise Olympia

There is plenty of space to secure your bike. Do not hesitate to ask the staff to assist you by giving you a piece of rope of covering material to ensure a scratch-free travel. To our knowledge there are no additional fees for getting the bike along.

Seajets Ferries

Their catamaran type vessel you definitely reach the islands faster. However, taking the bike along is not so straightforward. The ferries where you can take the bike along with no issues and no extra costs are:

  • Tera Jet
  • WorldChampion Jet
  • Champion Jet 1
  • Champion Jet 2
  • Megajet
  • Naxos Jet
  • Paros Jet
  • Masterjet
  • Andros Jet
  • HSC Cat
  • Power Jet
  • High Speed Jet
  • Aqua Blue (Conventional Ferry)
  • Aqua Jewel (Conventional Ferry)

The ones where you cannot take the bike(s) onboard are:

  • Sifnos Jet
  • SeaJet 2
  • SuperJet

The situation in above ferries is very… tight. Normally those are used to move passengers within the Cyclades Archipelago, therefore, the storage compartment has very limited space. You may still be able to take the bike along, but that will require for you to disassemble the bike and treat it like luggage. If you are travelling off-the-season, it wouldn’t be a problem, but when you are aiming for late July and August, the months where the travelling peaks, the situation can become very challenging.

Ferries to Aegina (Saronic Ferries)

Here, there are two type of ferries that connect Piraeus and the island of Aegina, the conventional ones and the catamarans; the world famous: flying dolphins. In all the conventional ferries you can take the bike along. These are:

  • Acheos
  • Apollon Hellas
  • Phivos
  • Poseidon Hellas

You cannot take the bike on board all catamaran type ferries operating in the Saronic gulf. You can try, but the space is not enough. At the same time, the crew will make sure to feed you with enough negative energy and stress that you are ruining their boat. Do not get disheartened or disappeared, that is their game and with a little bit of nice words you can persuade them to let you get your bike.

Golden Star Ferries

This ferry operator departs mainly from the port of Rafina and connect the islands of Andros, Tinos, Mykonos. The ferries where you can take the bikes along are:

  • Superferry
  • Superferry II
  • Superexpress
  • Supperrunner

However, on the ones below you cannot take the bikes along:

  • SuperSpeed
  • SuperCat

Fast Ferries (the red ones)

This is one more ferry operator that connects the islands of Andros, Tinos, Mykonos with the port of Rafina. In all of their ferries you can take your bikes along, at no additional cost. The ferry list is as follows:

  • Fat Ferries Andros
  • Ekaterini P.
  • Theologos P.

We have meet the owner and the staff of this particular ferry company and we have briefed them on the special care and needs cyclists have. We love travelling with them.

Keeping the list updated

Our editors frequently look for changes in the ferry operators fleet and services. If you haven’t found information about your ferry, please send us email at info@grcycling.com stating which ferry company you want us to ask for more details. We should update the list within 48 hours upon we receive your request.