Cycling or Triathlon preparation in Dikastika is an awesome experience

Dikastika, Attica Maps

Some of Athens best cycling routes are found here.

Many visitors choose to spend their holidays in a region which is close to the metropolitan grounds of Athens, but at the same time, ensures an exceptional degree of privacy and easy access to the beach side. For them Dikastika is the ideal location.

Furthermore, for cyclists who decide to combine family vacations with cycling training days, nothing can be more straightforward. The terrain here offers access to both the hilly side of Athens, where riders can enjoy some of the HC climbs found here, and totally flat segments which are located closer to seaside. In facts, those that follow a particular cycling training plan, Dikastika region can meet all of their criteria.

Triathlon training: is it possible in Dikastika?

Absolutely and it cannot get better. Athletes who choose this area for their triathlon preparation can instantly feel the perks of this region right upon their arrival. Depending of the training plan's profile, triathlon athletes can focus on their bike position by taking advantage the flat segments, or build up their climbing skills on the mt. Penteli. Running here is also a real pleasure. The athletes may choose to have their running sessions on Dikastika road network, which typically are well under the tree shadow, or by the coast. Both options can be combined with very easy access to the beachside (matter of minutes) where the waters are calm and clean.

When is the best period to cycle, run and swim?

We would recommend visiting the region late spring, autumn and early winter. The temperature close to the sea is always mild, making the sport activities here a true joy. The most fascinating fact is that even by early winter the sea is very warm and swimming will require no swimsuit. The same goes for the athletes that aim to build their sustainable power strength and climbing techniques; reaching the top on mt. Penteli or the the hilly side of Marathon will only require a light windshield.

Accomodation facilities in Dikastika are getting cycling friendly.

You will find no big hotels in the area and the mass tourism is a concept that doesn't actually exists here. Airbnbs, from small apartments to luxury villas, and small hotel units are the typical accommodation options. We have noticed a significant increase of the cyclists and triathletes choosing this area for their vacation or racing preparation, therefore progressively we looking into establishing a complete list of the lodgings you can choose to stay. That said, we expect no issues for your bike's logistics for any option you might go for, since the majority of the properties found here are spacious and landlords are very keen to offer the best level of hospitality.

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