Cycling in Porto Rafti

A superb cycling spot, so close to the airport


Only a few know: here, great cycling is to be found

With just 30 minutes of driving away from the airport, Porto Rafti is a spot that can be easily reached upon your flight's arrival, with no traffic or delay. But, what Porto Rafti can offer?

Porto Rafti, is small town located in the easterm part of the Attica peninsula, on the coastline and it is famous for the number of fresh fish restaurants, the nightlife during the summer months and the great sunrise views. Many of the Athenians own summer houses here and they visit them mainly over the weekends. The fact that visitors are primarily Greeks, partially explains why that are not many hotels, and limited actions to promote Porto Rafti as a holiday destination for travellers coming from other countries.

What people do not know yet, is that staying in Porto Rafti combines an excellent level of well being, unlimited swimming options, good food and a number of cycling routes that cover any requirements, be it just for fun or training (which is also fun :-)

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