Attica and Meteora

9 days / 8 nights / 9 rides




Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Total Distance: 820km

Total Elevation: 12400m

Bike Types: Road


One week of cycling in Attica and Meteora, the world's most spectacular sites. The plan is simple: the cycling trip starts in Attica and both the routes and the cycling landscape have a balanced ratio of coastal roads and mountain sceneries. Later, the group moves towards the mainland of Greece, where the deep forests, the running waters, a beautiful lake and the site of Meteora will create the best mountain views Greece can offer. In both destinations you will be able to swim: Athens with its sea and Meteora with its lake (Lake Plastira)

Self Guided
from €1800/person
Fully Guided
from €2350/person
from €3150/person
Prices are valid for March, April, May, October and November for groups of 8 with double occupancy (double or twin room)
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Day 1

Arrival & Shuttle to the hotel

Bike assembly and dinner

Day 2

Temple of Poseidon

Distance: 106km Elevation: 1700m

Day 3

Mt. Penteli and Marathon Area

Distance: 117km Elevation: 2000m

Day 4

Ferry to Evia Island

Distance: 100km Elevation: 1100m

Day 5

Mt Parnitha & Marathon Beachside

Distance: 98km Elevation: 1900m

Day 6

Getting to Lake Plastira

Distance: 80km Elevation: 1100m

Day 7

Plastira Lake - Meteora

Distance: 92km Elevation: 1500m

Day 8

Plastira Lake - Plastira Lake

Distance: 57km Elevation: 800m

Day 9

Departure - Option to ride

Distance: 138km Elevation: 1700m

Hotel list

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Prices are indicative for groups of 8 persons *

Self Guided

Bikes, Shuttle, Accommodation & Support

€1800 / person

Fully Guided

Bikes, Shuttle, Accommodation, Support & Guides

€2350 / person


Bikes, Shuttle, Accommodation, Meals, Support, Guides & Luxury treatments

€3150 / person

* for March, April, May, October and November. For other months, the price will be adjusted accordingly.