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Why cyclists to chose this property?

This preciously sweet family house is in the holiday outskirts of Athens, 30’ from the airport of Athens (Eleftherios Venizelos) & renovated on July '20. Its no-frills beauty corresponds perfectly to the vision of an authentic Greek country house for all seasons, highlighted by a spectacular view of the Aegean Sea from its garden/terrace. It can sleep 3-6 people indoors and a few more outdoors. The house has its own private covered garage. Available for short & long-term rental.

About the neighborhood

The neighborhood is quiet peaceful close to nature and you can enjoy biking, strolling, hiking or jogging around. There are about 4 houses in the area where the owners live all year round, so the area is a ‘small neighborhood’, in order that someone feels that he/she is not alone in the middle of nowhere, while he/she still lives in a non-crowded area.

Details & Specifications

  • House of 51 s.m.
  • Property of 316 s.m.
  • 45' from the centre of Athens
  • 30' from Athens Airport
  • 3' from the sea by car (1.7 km)
  • 20' from the sea on foot (1.7 km)
  • Closest bus station: 6 km (Keratea)
  • Closest suburban station: 18 km (Koropi)
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