Andros Island: Cycling and culture in perfect harmony

Island on the Cyclades, Aegean Sea


Brief History of Andros

Andros, the northern island of Cyclades complex entails an interesting and rich historical background. Around 4,000BC, in the era of legends and myths, the grandchild of God Apollo, the celebrated oracle Andros settles and names the island. Until the end of the Geometric period the island thrives steadily but gradually enters in an extended period of foreign domination alternately by the Persian, the Byzantine and the Venetian empire.

In Modern History, the flourishing of seafaring transforms Andros and establishes it, as the island of eminent shipowners and marine people. This extensive foray with the sea yielded economic affluence to the island’s residents,and this is lavishly manifested in the sense of elegance and sophistication of its surroundings. The globetrotters, dwellers of the island, carried elements and were influenced by diverse civilisations, which were respectively  incorporated by the locals to their current traditions, declaring them as genuine cosmopolitans.

Cycling in Andros, an enchanting experience with a lot to see

The vibrant colours, the crystal clear springs, the rich vegetation and the mountainous terrain is what distinguishes Andros from the rest of the Cyclades islands. The picturesque villages loom over the landscape as you leave behind the mountainous masses, full of history and local customs, and beaches with incredibly clear blue waters ensue. The natural landscape and the respect people have shown to it, is what has designated the architecture of the island as exquisite and justifiably consists an inseparable part of the folk tradition, which adheres to this day.

Works of art by a great range of prominent and worldwide famous artists are exhibited in the island’s galleries and art museums throughout the year, whilst artefacts sculptured by local artists adorn the alleys and the streets of the island.

Exploring Andros is a fascinating experience that will instantly resonate its unique vibrations through nature, culture and outstanding beauty to the visitor.

What type of bike should I use on Andros?

The morphology of the island varies significantly,, so as the road conditions. The ideal bike for Andros would be a hybrid, a gravel bike or even a crooss country type MTB, as long as it can comfortably cover segments on tarmac and dirt roads. It is fact that some of the island best beaches or villages are far out of the paved road network's reach, but the roads they miss nothing in charm or effort.

The aspect that the cyclists should be extra cautious with is the steepness of the terrain. Descending towards some of the secluded beaches or sites in Andros, is a pure joy. The gravity does its wonderful job and in no time the riders are by the sea level, ready to enjoy the shimmering waters of the Aegean. However, going back up it is always a challenge, sometime more suffering than others, therefore we recommend gearing up your bikes in way to perform on steep grades, resulting in you not losing the cadence momentum.

Renting a bike is easy: we meet you at the port

The most straightforward way for cyclists to collect their rental bike is to meet with our operation's team, right that the main port of Andros, Gavrio. In the case you are not able to meet us when we bring the bikes using the ferry, we will drop the bikes off at one of our inland partner for you to collect your rental.

Can you deliver the rental bikes elsewhere in Andros?

Yes, and it wouldn't be a problem. Our delivery service can meet you anywhere on the island. In the case you want us to deliver the bikes for you, your friends or your family, anywhere in Andros, please select which of the places are closer to your hotel or AirBnb

and provide us with all the details on where to find you (Delivery Details input field, just before you complete your payment)

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