Mykonos Private Bike Tour




Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Total Distance: 50km

Total Elevation: 900m

Bike Types: Fitness & E-bike


An off-the-beaten-track cycling route, away from the traffic will reveal the island’s hidden beauties. A bike ride, the best activity on the island

Fully Guided
from €370/person
from €520/person
Prices are valid for January, February, March, April, October, November and December for groups of 5
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Cycling around Mykonos Island


Hotel pick-up

We pick you up from your hotel in Mykonos and shuttle you to the starting point.

Arrival on a cruise ship: the pick up point is as close as possible to the lunch boat drop-off


Cycling on Mykonos Island

Indicative Route

Our vans transfer the whole group to the Armenistis Lighthouse, a landmark of a great importance and from there we cover all the alternative side of the island on bikes. Isolated churches, b routes, Mykonos Water Reservoirs, all are included.  We normally make two stops to visit two truly majestic beaches, where we enjoy a one short swim (first) and a complete one at the end. Depending on the pace and the energy levels, we might be able to enjoy exploring more of the island (e.g. visit the only one (!) Wind Turbine power generator on the island). Our approach on the standard version of this bike trip, is to always follow an active and leisure approach, focusing more on Greece’s unique elements (sea and culture) than cycling and endurance.

Is biking in Mykonos difficult?

The terrain is the “standard” Cycladic one, where long, flat segments are hard to find, mainly due to the morphology of the islands in general. Cycling in Mykonos would require a mild to intense effort for 50m – 100m (164ft – 330ft), to overcome a short, steep part and then everything becomes normal again. During, those short steep parts, which usually last for only few minutes, getting off the saddle and stepping on the pedals would be all someone needs to do for reaching the towards the end of them. Based on our experience, if someone is familiar on how to efficiently use the gears (selecting the right one before the grade kicks in) everything is nice and doable. Also, our guides usually notify the participants well in advance of an upcoming hilly part.

There are also parts that require a strenuous amount of effort, but they are not included in the standard version of the tour, unless it is specifically required by the participants, usually avid cyclists who want to seek for a challenge.

Overall Duration

The tour typically lasts for approximately 6 hours including the time needed for the transfers. However, we can adjust the overall duration of the tour to perfectly suit your schedule.

After Cycling

Swimming in the open sea

Depending on the weather conditions and the available time, you may jump into the clear water and enjoy a short swim.

Shuttle to the hotel

We shuttle you to the hotel.


Information we need from you

In order to have the day arranged in the best of terms, our travel planners would require your input on the following:

  • your itinerary for the rest of the day
    is there anything else later on in your day? if so feel free to share that over, for us to arrange the logistics accordingly
  • the height of each participant
    for us to ensure the bikes availability
  • the average group’s experience and adventurous spirit
    for us to have a better idea of how should we draft the route
  • special occasion
    is it anybody’s birthday? you want us to organise a particular moment (meal by the beach, combining that with an other activity)

Every tour we run in Mykonos in on a private basis we can customise the day and our ops in every way you want.

VIP Travel Planners

Please contact us to discuss how we can fit Mykonos Bike Tour into your client’s schedule.

I am a Triathlon Athlete, what can we do?

You will have a blast! Mykonos offers a unique Triathlon training session. We have scouted the whole island and managed to find all the possible ways to combine all Tri sports under one package. Lets us know for us to send you more information.

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Prices are indicative for groups of 5 persons *

Fully Guided

Bikes, Shuttle, Support & Guides

€370 / person


Bikes, Shuttle, Support, Guides & Luxury treatments

€520 / person

* for January, February, March, April, October, November and December. For other months, the price will be adjusted accordingly.