Welcome to the most complete bike rental solution out there. Why our project is the best? Simpy because everything you see has emerged out of thousands rental bikes delivered. It is our curiosity, combined with your feedback that made this project possible and we are committed to further make it better and faster.

Step 1: Select your location

Rent a bike in Greece application: Select your location

By typing the name of the location you want us to deliver the bike, a list of locations that match the search criteria appears. Using your mouse, your keyboard or your finger, select the one you are looking for.

Tip: you may also search using any Greek post code; that is extremely helpful in case of a hotel or an airbnb.

Step 2: Choose your dates

Rent a bike in Greece application: Choose rental dates

This is a straightforward section. You just select the dates 🙂

Tip: Make sure you select the ones matching the duration of your holidays and do not forget to check the option of delivering/collecting the bike at the airport, right the moment you land.

Step 3: Fill in your height

Rent a bike in Greece application: add guests with their heights

Enter your height in imperial or metric units. Here, you can also add extra cyclists and the software will allocate bikes of the same type to each one of them.

Step 4: Search for bikes

By clicking the search button: You made it! Please allow a moment or so, for our booking engine to display the results. The software combines offerings, availability and delivery cost by various vendors who cover the region. The total price you see there, is the total that you will pay for the bikes – this may change in case you add extras and accessories

Step 5 [optional]: Fine tuning your results by bike type or time

Rent a bike in Greece application: selecting delivery times

You can screen out all non related bike types by selecting only the ones you are interested in. If you are looking for an ebike, why seeing results for those lightweight road machines? Furthermore, you may specify when you want you bike to be delivered; yes, we can deliver 24/7 (charges apply for deliveries outside the normal working hours)

Step 6: Choose your bike

Rent a bike in Greece application: selecting your rental bike

After you review the various bike rental options, press the “Book Bike” button. Your selection is made and that will get you to the next page where you can provide us with more information related to your booking.

Step 7: [Optional] Change the frame size

Rent a bike in Greece application: Override the frame size

All bikes sizes are categorized to suit your height. However, there are a few cases where cyclists prefer a bigger or smaller sized bike than the one selected by the software. Here you can override the preselection and choose the one you think is best (Note: only available bikes will be listed)

Step 8: Contact details and extras

Rent a bike in Greece application: Submit your contact details and add extras

Here you just input the contact details for us to contact you for any matter related to your booking. In the case of multiple cycling, it is very important to enter the contact details for each one of them and select who is the group leader. Based on our experience, it i very helpful to deal with minor issues with the riders directly, plus that this enable us to have more phone numbers in case of an emergency (e.g. in the mountains, not all have the reception).
Select your extras: Every bike comes with particular extras and accessories. By clicking what you need you instantly get an overview of the extra cost, and upon selecting that it is automatically added to the total cost.

Step 9: Share more on how we will find you

Rent a bike in Greece application: Provide more information related to delivery

This is where you fill in your address, the hotel name, the contact details of your Airbnb manager or anything else that would help us deliver the bike to you.
Fun fact: the best of all times note we had to process was “I have left the key of the porch gate under the yellow flower pot. Please enter, lock the bikes and send me a message where you have left the lock’s keys” Cool euh?

Step 10: Complete your payment

Rent a bike in Greece application: complete your payment

That is the ONLY way to confirm your booking and, of course to keep our project going. The payment processor is a fully compliant with the latest regulations and safety standards. For any issues please email at info@grcycling.com.