What is “normally” happening?

The moment we charge the damage deposit on your card, the majority of the banks handle that as a successful transaction.

Appearing a completed transaction

There are a few banks out there which display the amount authorisation with no visual differentiation compared to the rest of completed transactions. That may cause a significant amount of frustration, but rest assured, that there is no chance us charging any amount prior notifying you.

What happens when I receive the email of the damage deposit refund

In the case of a reversal of the damage deposit amount, you will see a refund credit on your statement or you’ll just see the original damage deposit charge drop. Your bank should be able to confirm this for you. Depending on your card issuer, the original charge will disappear from your pending charges within the next 7 calendar days of the reversal – refund. (Assuming no charges as per our Damage Deposit guidelines)