Rent your bike

Can I have my bike rental delivered at the airport?

Yes! That is an exciting and straightforward service we have designed. You are welcome to use it start your cycling days by driving to your destination without entering the busy roads of Athens centre.

I have rented a car, can we meet there to collect my bike?

Renting a car upon your arrival, is the most common scenario. In that case, the only thing we would need

  • is your inbound flight
  • time of your scheduled arrival
  • the car rental company you will use

and we will meet you there.

Can I rent a rear bike rack?

In the case your rental car is not big, or there is no space to get the bike in the passenger’s cabin along with the rest of yours belongings, our staff can can provide you with a rear rack with straps. Using the rack you will be able to transfer the bike(s) at the back of the car, with no ability to easily open the trunk door (the bike is going to be placed there, that makes sense right? 🙂 )

We will the bike rack fit on my rental car?

Based on our experience, our bike racks normally work with those affordable series of rental cars. The key here is the rear door (trunk); it has to be framed with metal components, which will allow a safer attachment of the rack’s straps. Typically, in affordable series rental vehicles (small, city type) that is the norm and we expect no surprises with mounting the rack. However, and sadly enough, the only way for us to truly know if mounting the bike rack is possible or not, it going to be when we meet you at the airport. In the unlikely event that we fail to mount the rack, we will help you disassembling the bike and try to fit in the car. If the case all efforts fail, resulting in you not being able to enjoy your bike during your vacation time, there will be no charge for the bike rental, other that the amount of us getting to airport. (We will issue a full refund expert for the amount of €60)