Youth Cycling Fun Camp

6 days / 5 nights / 3 rides




Difficulty: 3 out of 5

Total Distance: 100km

Total Elevation: 1100m

Bike Types: Fitness


Let kids know about the history of cycling in Greece, upgrade their riding skills, socialise and have fun biking through the authentic and wonderful rural landscape on the country

Fully Guided
from €690/person
Prices are valid for and August for groups of 1
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Day 1

Arrival at Sport Camp's facilities

Shuttle to Loutraki & Welcoming reception

Day 2

Test ride & Fundamentals of cycling

Assessing the skills and fitness level

Day 3

Cycling on Hills: Endurance, Pacing & Climbing basics

Distance: 32km Elevation: 650m

Day 4

Touring by bike: cycling to Nafplio

Distance: 45km Elevation: 48m

Day 5

Snorkelling in a Lagoon & Sunset from the Ancient Corinth

Distance: 30km Elevation: 450m

Day 6

Certification & Departure

Farewell gifts & diplomas

Things to see

Hotel list

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Prices are indicative for groups of 1 persons *

Fully Guided

Bikes, Accommodation, Meals, Support & Guides

€690 / person

* for and August. For other months, the price will be adjusted accordingly.