Santorini Cycling Trip

7 days / 6 nights / 4 rides - Difficulty: 3.8 out of 5

Trip details

8 persons

Type: Self Guided

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What is included?

  • Road / race:

    A carbon road bike with minimum Ultegra groupset.

  • Fitness / Hybrid:

    Lightweight and quality fitness bikes that will get you anywhere.

  • E-bike:

    Powerful e- motors and extra batteries will ensure comfortable rides.

  • Gravel:
  • Pedals:

    Compatible with Shimano SPD, SL or Look KEO cleats. If you are not using clipped shoes flat pedals will be mounted on your bike.

  • Helmet:

    A suitable, lightweight helmet is provided for maximum safety and comfort.

  • Own bike:

    We take care of all the logistics related to your bike case (from/to the airport)

  • Airport shuttle:

    Two ways shuttle service from/to the airport

  • GrCycling approved lodgings:

    Clean, quiet and budget lodging options that ensure a nice night's stay and a good rest.

  • Breakfast:

    Prepared and served at the hotels' premises

  • Support on request:

    One member of our staff is going to be in close proximity to provide you with assistance and pick you in case something happens

  • Activities & Experiences:

    As mentioned in the itinerary.

Not Included

Entrance fees to archaeological sites

Selected Hotels

Santorini Island - 6 nights

Irigeneia- 4.5
53 reviews
Antoperla Luxury Hotel & Spa- 4.2
77 reviews
Istoria Hotel- 4.9
51 reviews

Questions & Answers

Can I bring my own bike?

Nothing compares with riding your own bike, therefore feel free to take it along. All the logistics of your bike case are been taken care of. We will collect it after you assemble the bike and deliver it back to you on your trip's end. You will also be responsible for assembling and disassembling as needed, or we may provide a mechanic (based on availability) for a minimum fee of €200.

What type of bike should be used in Santorini?

Road cyclists: the road network in the Island of Santorini is very small and the tarmac conditions are not grade. Quite frequently the road surface is full of potholes or very corroded, which results in an intense vibration level especially when going downhill. Cycling here would require at least 28mm tyres or a gravel bike. In the case you select GrCycling to be your bike provider, we will equip you with one on 28mm tyres.

Recreational cyclists on fitness bikes: a bike with wide enough tyres or a short front suspension will be enough to the the best out of your time in Santorini

When to visit Santorini?

We believe that the best months for someone to visit the island for a week is October to mid December and February to the beginning of May. The island of Santorini tends to get really busy during the summer months making the whole experience of discovering a small island not straightforward with a lot of hassle (traffic on the roads, having reservations in place for pretty much everything and long queues is what someone should expect during summer months)

Why do the cycling routes begin from Perissa-Santoniri?

There are two reasons for that. The first is that traditionally the cycling activity starts early in the morning. We also believe that it is much better catching the first sun rays and the feel the morning breeze. The second, is the easy access to the beach side; Perissa is Santorini’s longest beach and by selecting the accommodation here jumping into the water is just a few minutes of walking.

Is there a laundry service?

During our cycling days, our staff will make sure that you and all of the group have access to a laundry service. Every second or third day, our guides ask the group to get all their to-be-washed clothes just right after the ride (we need to allow as much time possible for them to dry). The next day, the dry clothes are delivered right after the breakfast. 

Note: always have a spare kit to wear and avoid giving everything for laundry. It has happened that they weren’t ready the next day, and wearing them wet, well…. it is not nice :-)

Will the number guides be enough?

Depending on the group's profile we adjust the number of guides accordingly. We always try to keep a ratio of 8:1 (often much smaller), something that enables us to provide an extremely well organized service and make everyone happy.

How many cycling kits should I bring?

Well, as many as you like. We also prefer to see a lot of different outfits. However, if you want to travel light we recommend you bring 4 x cycling kits. Along the trip, there is going to be a laundry service, where you can have your kits washed and fresh.

What to pack for the trip?

Here is a small list for you to ensure not to leave anything behind.

  • Cycling kits x4: that’s the minimum number of kits we recommend
  • Cycling cushion gloves: if you use those, do not forget them
  • Sunglasses: Greece is the country of light. A pair of good and dark sunglasses is ideal to make the cycling much more comfortable.
  • Helmet: even though helmets are included in the bike rental, feel free to bring your own to ensure the maximum level of comfort.
  • Windbreaker: a lightweight wind shield would be ideal to get you covered during days with chilly weather.
  • Water bottles: you may bring your own. Each bike will have two holders for you to carry plenty of water or any juice that keeps you going. In case you need to purchase our Camelbaks, let us know
  • Winter gear (for Dec - early Mar): 1 x Leg and arm warmers, 3 x base layers,  1 x pair of winter gloves, 3 x buffs, Waterproof windbreaker. Note: generally the winter gear is highly recommended for trips held during the period of December to early March. Even though the weather conditions at a low altitude may be very pleasant, climbing even a short mountain may result in very cold conditions (even then this has nothing to do with alpine cold waves)

What time should arrange my flight to land?

Anytime you prefer. Yes, you may arrange your flight any time more convenient for you. The first day of the trip is dedicated to the guests arrival, therefore there is no restriction when you should land in Greece. Please let our agents know about your flight details and we will arrange an airport  shuttle service for you.

Are non riders welcomed?

The companions who prefer not to cycle can still enjoy the marvelous landscape and the culture of Greece. However, in this case we need to adopt a more delicate approach. Since our guides are focused mainly on supporting cyclists during daily rides, a dedicated support team (transportation, guides, etc) may be required for the non-riders members of the group. For the majority of the destinations, we can create a private itinerary where non-riders can enjoy daily outdoor activities, visit local sites and places of great interest, have stunning meals with authentic mediterranean cuisine and rejoin with the cycling group later in the day. Contact our trip agents to discuss how we can make it happen.

Can the weather impact the itinerary?

We will use a Greek expression to describe the importance of the weather conditions. The weather is the Alpha(Α) and the Omega (Ω) when it comes to how the days are structured. When the weather gets rough we may seek alter the day's planning and/or the cycling routes to ensure a great and safe experience for all.

Cancellations due to Covid

In the case of official restrictions, or imposed travel bans, resulting in cancelling your arrival to Greece, the trip is postponed for future dates, anytime within the next 3 years from your original departure. The next trip will have exactly the same terms as the initial one. Note: the new dates should be during the season with the same tourism activity (e.g. if your trip was set for May you may not be able to postpone that for August). In case you decide to cancel, cancellation fees will apply and per our terms and conditions.