Road Cycling Sessions in Athens

3 days / 2 nights / 3 rides




Difficulty: 3.7 out of 5

Total Distance: 240km

Total Elevation: 4300m

Bike Types: Road


A combo of three superb cycling routes in Europe’s most ancient city. The city of Athens is only European capital that offer such stunning cycling experiences. Leave the busy city behind and explore the great roads around.

Self Guided
from €340/person
Fully Guided
from €490/person
Prices are valid for January, February, March, April, November and December for groups of 8
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Day 1

Vouliagmeni Lagoon in Loutraki

Distance: 64km Elevation: 1100m

Day 2

Mt Pranitha & Marathon Areas: an EPIC ride

Distance: 130km Elevation: 2850m

Day 3

Cycling the Athenian Riviera

Distance: 48km Elevation: 390m

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Prices are indicative for groups of 8 persons *

Self Guided

Bikes, Shuttle & Support

€340 / person

Fully Guided

Bikes, Shuttle, Support & Guides

€490 / person

* for January, February, March, April, November and December. For other months, the price will be adjusted accordingly.


Why is cycling in Athens fascinating?

Superb weather

The climate of Athens is the ideal for cyclists to enjoy their ride throughout all year. In detail, the climate consists of relatively mild winters, warm and dry summers and, generally, wide extended periods of sunshine throughout most of the year. During winter, the average temperature during sunlight is 10-12oC, whereas, during the hottest early mornings of summer, the average temperature is ranged between 25 oC and 30 oC.

Elevation in abundance

Athens is located in a plain surrounded by three major mountain masses. Thanks to the terrain’s rich morphology, cycling in Athens has countless climbing options. At the end of every challenge you admire stunning panoramic views of the city and the blue waters of the sea. This is a unique terrain, where all cyclists can enjoy thousands of meters of elevation, even on short rides.

Close Proximity

An exquisite coastal route? Maybe some HC climbing? Why not Both? Getting to those scenic and quiet cycling spots does not require time or effort. In just 30 to 50 minutes of driving, the traffic disappears and the buzz of the city is left way behind. Every cyclist can truly enjoy riding on an authentic Greek landscape, without leaving the convenience of the city aside.

Majestic coastal roads

Hundreds of kilometers of coastal routes can be found here. Here, the so-called “The Athenian Riviera” is also found. This 60km long, by the sea, route, is one of the world’s most scenic rides a cyclist can have. The crystal blue waters of the Aegean, combined with the quiet, pleasantly hilly, roads, create an extraordinary feeling of excitement.

Off the Bike fun

Before of after your riding, you can explore the versatile vibe of Athens, Europe’s historical capital. Athens, a city born in the dawn of history, emerged from an era where myths meet the legends. The great philosopher Plato, mentions priests from ancient Egypt who already knew of a city named ‘Athens’ as early as the 9th millennia BC. Archaeological findings prove that human establishments existed around the rock of Acropolis between 3500 and 3200 BC. All these, make Athens one of the oldest cities in the world. The consecutive human habitation in this region, dated from the prehistoric to modern times, has left numerous cultural footprints, scattered around the city. This wide heritage, dotted everywhere, welcomes every visitor to explore it.

One City - A Complete Destination

Unique Landmarks

During your cycling days in Athens, you cannot miss the captivating Ancient Temple of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, located at the Athens’s southest point. This landmark takes the cycling experience on the whole new level. Climbing Mt. Penteli, from where the world’s finest marble is quarried, should be also in your bucket list. Also, riding through the Marathon area and visiting the historical place where the classic Marathon running race begins, cannot be left aside. There are more… We will be happy to share them all with you!

The Greek Gastronomy

Enjoying a meal of Greek Mediterranean Cuisine is always one the ride’s highlight. Greek cousin is based on a wide range of traditional Greek ingredients that flourish in the country’s perfect Mediterranean climate. First and foremost, of course, are Greek olives and Greek extra virgin olive oil. Greens, fruits and a wide variety of fresh, seasonal vegetables and beans are the mainstay of traditional Greek cooking, some with distinctly regional associations. Greece is also blessed with a wealth of “natural gourmet” products, which come from the land or sea and that have been part of Greek food history and Greek culture forever.