Road Cycling Sessions in Argolis

3 days / 2 nights / 3 rides




Difficulty: 4 out of 5

Total Distance: 350km

Total Elevation: 4800m

Bike Types: Road


Cycling around the peninsula of Argolis is a breath-taking experience. This constant change from riding along the coast and then to climbing up in the mountains fascinates and inspires cyclists to push the limits of their fitness. Some of Greece’s best cycling destinations are also included: Nafplio, Spetses island and the Corinth Canal are some of them. A well balanced weekend break, with a lot of elevation, mileage and wonderful sites. Probably, our favourite trip ;-)

Bikes + Shuttle
from €230/person
Self Guided
from €480/person
Fully Guided
from €660/person
from €1050/person
Prices are valid for January, February, March, April, May, November and December for groups of 8 with double occupancy (double or twin room)
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Day 1

Shuttle to Corinth & Ride

Day 2

Island of Spetses & the Town of Ermioni

Day 3

From the Coast to the Mountains

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Bikes + Shuttle

Bikes & Shuttle

€230 / person

Self Guided

Bikes, Shuttle, Accommodation & Support

€480 / person

Fully Guided

Bikes, Shuttle, Accommodation, Support & Guides

€660 / person


Bikes, Shuttle, Accommodation, Meals, Support, Guides & Luxury treatments

€1050 / person

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around 3 days/ 2 nights change duration

The spectacular view of Meteora on our way cycling to there

Meteora Road Cycling

4 days / 4 rides / Advanced

A unique destination and the breathtaking nature in the heart of Greece
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Fully Guided: €840/person
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Road Cycling in Athens - Overlook of Athens city while climbing mountain Parnitha - Gr Cycling

Road Cycling Sessions in Athens

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A combo of three superb cycling routes in Europe’s most ancient city. The city of Athens is only European capital that offer such stunning cycling experiences. Leave the busy city behind and explore the great roads around.
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Cycling in Andros island Greece

Athenian Riviera and Andros Island

2 days / 2 rides / Intermediate

Two wonderful ride full of sea views, history and good cycling. The Athenian Riviera and a spectacular ride around one of Aegean's largest islands. Mountain passes and great landscapes that will make you feel like Gods! The casual walks in the picturesque, full of cultural elements, town of Andros will fascinate you.
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Bikes + Shuttle: €200/person
Self Guided: €420/person
Fully Guided: €540/person
Mt Parnassus - Close to Arachova and Delphi Area - Gr Cycling

Delphi and Mt. Parnassus

2 days / 2 rides / Avid

A breathtaking 2 day cycling trip, focused on elevation and mileage. Hard and wild terrain. For many, a real cycling treasure. If your fitness level can support it, do not miss this trip.
Starting at:
Self Guided: €300/person
Fully Guided: €480/person
Cycling in Pelion - One of the best cycling experiences - GrCycling

Pelion: cycling on the land of Centaurs

3 days / 2 rides / Advanced

A weekend break full of good cycling, stunning landscapes and a constantly changing nature. Climb up to +1000m and then descend down to some of Europe's best beaches. Pelion is a marvelous cycling destination.
Starting at:
Bikes + Shuttle: €280/person
Self Guided: €570/person
Fully Guided: €720/person
Bespoke: €1050/person