Peloponnese East Coast

8 days / 7 nights / 6 rides - Difficulty: 2.8 out of 5

Trip details

8 persons

Type: Bikes + Shuttle

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What is included?

  • Road / race:

    A carbon road bike with minimum Ultegra groupset.

  • Fitness / Hybrid:

    Lightweight and quality fitness bikes that will get you anywhere.

  • E-bike:

    Powerful e- motors and extra batteries will ensure comfortable rides.

  • Pedals:

    Compatible with Shimano SPD, SL or Look KEO cleats. If you are not using clipped shoes flat pedals will be mounted on your bike.

  • Helmet:

    A suitable, lightweight helmet is provided for maximum safety and comfort.

  • Own bike:

    We take care of all the logistics related to your bike case (from/to the airport)

  • Airport shuttle:

    Two ways shuttle service from/to the airport

Selected Hotels

Nafplio - 1 nights

Grand Sarai Nafplio- 4.6
159 reviews
Pension Omorfi Poli- 4.8
132 reviews
Nafplia Palace Hotel & Villas- 4.3
283 reviews
Pension Dafni- 4.7
323 reviews

Paralio Astros - 1 nights

Astros Beach Hotel- 4
210 reviews
Anigraia Hotel- 4.7
83 reviews

Leonidio - 1 nights

Smyros Resort- 4.7
194 reviews
Hotel Hatzipanayiotis- 4.7
275 reviews
Archontiko Chioti- 4.8
153 reviews
Agroktima Guesthouse- 4.8
143 reviews

Kiparissi - 1 nights

Hotel Paraliako- 4.7
97 reviews
Hotel Cavo Kortia- 4.8
237 reviews
Atalanti Hotel Kyparissi- 4.6
67 reviews

Monemvasia - 1 nights

Pramataris- 4.1
230 reviews
Mpalkoni sti monemvasia- 4.3
162 reviews
Monemvasia Seafront- 4.5
91 reviews

Elafonisos - 1 nights

Berdoussis Hotel- 4.7
122 reviews
Elafonisos Resort- 4.5
114 reviews
Simos Mare Resort- 4.5
169 reviews

Elea - 1 nights

Alas Resort & Spa- 4.7
483 reviews
Plytra Mare Hotel- 4.6
87 reviews
Ξενοδοχείο Κυνίσκα- 3.8
51 reviews

Questions & Answers

Can I bring my own bike?

Nothing compares with riding your own bike, therefore feel free to take it along. All the logistics of your bike case are been taken care of. We will collect it after you assemble the bike and deliver it back to you on your trip's end. You will also be responsible for assembling and disassembling as needed, or we may provide a mechanic (based on availability) for a minimum fee of €200.

What happens in case of a mechanical issue?

For this type of trip, you go unsupported. That means that you treat the bike yours and try to find solutions as you would have done in case you were using your own gear. You may need to rely on local bike shops or find your own shuttle to the next town. Therefore, we recommend this trip style only for those who have extensive experience and are able (plus willing) to deal with any unexpected issue. This is also part of the fun :-)

In case something cannot be overcomed, what can we do?

A severe mechanical issue, bad weather or an accident may result in you, or members of your group, ending your holiday earlier. Do not worry, our shuttle service is always available and we will make everything possible to resolve any situation the soonest. The only thing we will require is to put us on notice immediately, for us to check the shuttle's availability and come to rescue you.

What to pack?

We are going to equip you with tools and spares for your upcoming trip. Furthermore, we can also provide you with panniers that will enable you to get more of your gear with you (not for road bikes). 

  • Sunglasses: Greece is the country of light. It is quite certain that you enjoy many days of pure sunshine. For many, those brightness levels are too strong. A pair of good and dark sunglasses is ideal to make the cycling much more comfortable. 
  • Touring gear: anything that might prove useful for you; a rain jacket, a few extra cycling kits and your camping gear. 
  • Helmet: even though helmets are included in the bike rental, feel free to bring your own to ensure the maximum level of comfort. 
  • Water bottles: you may bring your own. Each bike will have two holders for you to carry plenty of water or any juice that keeps you going. In case you need to purchase our Camelbak Podium Chill 21oz (web) for 13 € / bottle.

Can I start / finish the trip at locations other than Athens region.

Yes. Let us know your pick-up / drop-off locations that make more sense for your travel arrangements for our travel specialists to adjust the itinerary accordingly (e.g. shuttle time needed to get to your first destination). The majority of our departures take place from the region of Athens, since the city’s airport is the main point of entry in the country, but not the only one. We provide you with all the flexibility you need to make the most out of your days in Greece, therefore there are no limits on how you should structure your holiday.