Mainland and Island Hopping

15 days / 14 nights / 7 rides - Difficulty: 2.1 out of 5

Trip details

6 persons

Type: Fully Guided

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What is included?

  • Fitness / Hybrid:

    Lightweight and quality fitness bikes that will get you anywhere.

  • E-bike:

    Powerful e- motors and extra batteries will ensure comfortable rides.

  • Helmet:

    A suitable, lightweight helmet is provided for maximum safety and comfort.

  • Airport shuttle:

    Two ways shuttle service from/to the airport

  • Shuttle to/from the destinations:

    One of our vehicles will shuttle you to/from the designated destinations where the trip begins and ends

  • Shuttle services related to the cycling sessions:

    This is where we pick you up or drop you off in order to cycle on the best part of the route.

  • 3 - 4 star hotels:

    authentic and quality lodgings selected for their exceptional hospitality standards they offer to cyclists

  • Catamaran cabin:

    Spacious accommodation with high level of privacy on a catamaran boat max 2 years old. Minimum specs and size is equal to the Lagoon 42.

  • Captain:

    Our team comprises only experienced captains (min 7 years in the sea) with excellent command of english. Our people are clean, cheered up and understand the cycling culture.

  • Hosting services:

    Our staff will make sure an excellent breakfast is always on time, a great selection of healthy snacks are served throughout the day and great meals are cooked. 

  • Breakfast onboard:

    Full breakfasts meals, according to you dietary preferences, are prepared and served on the boat.

  • Snacks & onboard meals:

    Healthy bites, beverages and light meals prepared by us and served on board

  • Alcohol:

    A reasonable amount of alcohol along with the meals

  • Vehicle support:

    A vehicle that provide assistance and support during the cycling

  • Luggage transfer:

    our vehicles get your luggage and your belongings from one destination to the next

  • Cycling guide:

    One guide will be cycling along with the  group making sure all ride safely and show those spots that matter.

Selected Hotels

Athens Centre - 3 nights

Coco-Mat Athens BC- 4.9
392 reviews
Fresh Hotel- 4.3
1098 reviews
Periscope Hotel- 4.5
184 reviews
NEW Hotel- 4.5
1020 reviews
Electra Metropolis Athens- 4.7
2446 reviews

Nafplio - 2 nights

Nafplia Palace Hotel & Villas- 4.3
283 reviews
Pension Omorfi Poli- 4.8
132 reviews
Grand Sarai Nafplio- 4.6
159 reviews

Spetses - 2 nights

Spetses Hotel- 4.3
287 reviews
Nissia Traditional Residences, Spetses- 4.7
81 reviews
Poseidonion Grand Hotel Spetses- 4.7
800 reviews

Questions & Answers

Is there a laundry service?

During our cycling days, our staff will make sure that you and all of the group have access to a laundry service. Every second or third day, our guides ask the group to get all their to-be-washed clothes just right after the ride (we need to allow as much time possible for them to dry). The next day, the dry clothes are delivered right after the breakfast. 

Note: always have a spare kit to wear and avoid giving everything for laundry. It has happened that they weren’t ready the next day, and wearing them wet, well…. it is not nice :-)

How much should I tip the guides?

Gratuities for guides are much appreciated to thank them for exceptional service, support, and expertise. The industry standard is for each individual guest to tip 10-15% of their trip price at the end of the tour. Unless you want to tip separately, guides will divide tips among themselves. Tips in local currency and in cash are always preferred. We recommend that you plan ahead by bringing extra cash or visiting the ATM at the beginning of your trip, since ATMs are not always available or may limit the amount of withdrawal. Make sure your bank is aware that you will be using your card internationally.

How many cycling kits should I bring?

Well, as many as you like. We also prefer to see a lot of different outfits. However, if you want to travel light we recommend you bring 4 x cycling kits. Along the trip, there is going to be a laundry service, where you can have your kits washed and fresh.

What to pack for the trip?

Here is a small list for you to ensure not to leave anything behind.

  • Cycling kits x4: that’s the minimum number of kits we recommend
  • Cycling cushion gloves: if you use those, do not forget them
  • Sunglasses: Greece is the country of light. A pair of good and dark sunglasses is ideal to make the cycling much more comfortable.
  • Helmet: even though helmets are included in the bike rental, feel free to bring your own to ensure the maximum level of comfort.
  • Windbreaker: a lightweight wind shield would be ideal to get you covered during days with chilly weather.
  • Water bottles: you may bring your own. Each bike will have two holders for you to carry plenty of water or any juice that keeps you going. In case you need to purchase our Camelbaks, let us know
  • Winter gear (for Dec - early Mar): 1 x Leg and arm warmers, 3 x base layers,  1 x pair of winter gloves, 3 x buffs, Waterproof windbreaker. Note: generally the winter gear is highly recommended for trips held during the period of December to early March. Even though the weather conditions at a low altitude may be very pleasant, climbing even a short mountain may result in very cold conditions (even then this has nothing to do with alpine cold waves)

How do family trips differentiate from other types?

Being cyclists ourselves, most of our trips are designed in a way so that cycling and touring come first. However, when it comes to a family, the priorities may shift significantly. Each family has its own rhythms, communication patterns and… personality, if we are allowed to use the term. The focus of our travel specialists and guiding teams transcends the individual experience, where the approach is oriented towards mature guests who have specifically selected this type of holiday. Here, in the case of a family holiday, the dynamics are weighted differently, we focus on the family experience as a whole, trying to normalise any differences among the members. That is the reason why our agents will attempt to learn as much as possible for your family. It is truly fun working on famly itineraries.

Can I start / finish the trip at locations other than Athens region.

Yes. Let us know your pick-up / drop-off locations that make more sense for your travel arrangements for our travel specialists to adjust the itinerary accordingly (e.g. shuttle time needed to get to your first destination). The majority of our departures take place from the region of Athens, since the city’s airport is the main point of entry in the country, but not the only one. We provide you with all the flexibility you need to make the most out of your days in Greece, therefore there are no limits on how you should structure your holiday.

What time should arrange my flight to land?

Anytime you prefer. Yes, you may arrange your flight any time more convenient for you. The first day of the trip is dedicated to the guests arrival, therefore there is no restriction when you should land in Greece. Please let our agents know about your flight details and we will arrange an airport  shuttle service for you.

Are non riders welcomed?

The companions who prefer not to cycle can still enjoy the marvelous landscape and the culture of Greece. However, in this case we need to adopt a more delicate approach. Since our guides are focused mainly on supporting cyclists during daily rides, a dedicated support team (transportation, guides, etc) may be required for the non-riders members of the group. For the majority of the destinations, we can create a private itinerary where non-riders can enjoy daily outdoor activities, visit local sites and places of great interest, have stunning meals with authentic mediterranean cuisine and rejoin with the cycling group later in the day. Contact our trip agents to discuss how we can make it happen.

Cancellations due to Covid

In the case of official restrictions, or imposed travel bans, resulting in cancelling your arrival to Greece, the trip is postponed for future dates, anytime within the next 3 years from your original departure. The next trip will have exactly the same terms as the initial one. Note: the new dates should be during the season with the same tourism activity (e.g. if your trip was set for May you may not be able to postpone that for August). In case you decide to cancel, cancellation fees will apply and per our terms and conditions.

Hygiene during the trip, what should I expect?

Sanitizers and alcohol tissues  have always been a part of our daily life. In the light of this pandemic we guess that we cannot deviate from that.  Masks: we expect the guests to bring their own masks which they can wash and feel comfortable wearing, while our staff can also provide some some in case of shortage.

Fun fact: Two of our drivers, very sweet guys, have a more than a few microbe phobia issues.  Even during our early stages as a touring company, they have made sure we adopt a "surgical room" approach when it comes to cleanliness in our vehicles, commonly used spaces and personal hygiene. 

Can the weather have an impact on the itinerary?

We will use a Greek expression to describe the importance of the weather conditions. The weather is the Alpha(Α) and the Omega (Ω) when it comes to how the days are structured. When the weather gets rough we may seek a safe harbour or alter the cycling routes to ensure a great and safe experience for all. 

Our staff, both onboard and the ones sitting at our offices, sets up daily meetings where all parameters are discussed and basis the inputs and the conditions we draft the next days’ options.

What are the minimum boat specs?

Please find below specs:

Year built: max 2 years old
Type: Catamaran
Length: 12,80 m
A/C: Yes
Generator: Yes
Cabins: 4
WC / Shower: 4
Indicative: Lagoon 42

Why sailing on a catamaran?

There are 5 reasons why we choose to sail on a Catamaran

  1. The most important advantage of a catamaran over a mono-hull, is the increased space, which results more privacy. The fact that the hulls are separated, makes the cabins to be located at different parts of the boat. Finding a spot without bothering others, is no big deal.
  2. Another noticeable benefit of a catamaran is its sailing efficiency. Modern catamarans sail windward as much as 25% faster than a similar length cruising monohull. Their performance when sailing off the wind, can be 80% to 100% better / faster than a monohull boat.
  3. The wide deck areas, combined with both the significantly larger salon space and the fact that the cockpit is located at the same level with all other deck elements, provide a sense of spaciousness coupled with an awesome 360-degree visibility.
  4. The extremely shallow draft of a catamaran enables sailing in areas very close to the coast, where monohulls fail to approach. Those hidden, majestic, weather protected bays are now accessible and shallow anchorages become an rewarding option.
  5. When sailing, catamarans rarely heel more than 5 degrees, which means offshore passages are less tiring while drink and food stay on the table. The trip is much less tiring for the passengers and there are significantly less chances of getting sea-sick.

Should I bring warmer clothes for the evenings?

The temperature during the evenings may drop noticeably. This combined with the humidity (we are surrounded by the element of water) may require a couple of warmer cloths. What we recommend is to take a series of layers which you can adjust according to any situation. Do not forget to bring a wind stopper which can keep any chilly breeze away.

Is the water warm enough to swim?

Typically the sailing and cycling packages run during spring and autumn.* In both cases the water is very pleasant to swim in, with the autumn to offer a warmer option. The summer sun have heated up the water significantly and the sea remains warm until early winter. Whatever the season you are aiming for, you will need no special swimsuits or equipment ulike. 

*For summer cruises the temperature may be too hot, but the water is spectacular.