Unsupported and bike packing cycling trips in Greece

Explore Europe’s most authentic, interesting and friendly nature

Greece, a paradise for bike packer tourers

Whether you prefer cycling along the coast or up in the mountains, Greece offers a fascinating experience for all bike tourers out there. It is this exquisite beauty of the landscape, the friendliness of the people and the high degree of authenticity that makes this country a true heaven to cycle through.

Unsupported cycling trips with the flexibility you need

set the starting and the finishing place and we arrange all the bikes and the logistics before and after your bike packing trip. The rest is on you! Our unsupported tours found below are created by our experts with one goal: to make the most of your days in Greece and connect the destinations in a way we believe is the best one. But this is not restrictive; once you find an itinerary interesting, the next step is to customize it the way you want. Select your dates, your bikes, your touring gear, add or remove cycling routes and advise us where you prefer your bike packing journey to start and finish.


Bike packing anywhere in Greece, our shuttle service has no limits

Going unsupported may result in you to deviate from your original plan, which is totally fine. This is exactly the reason why the shuttle service comes with an ultimate flexibility. We just need a couple of day’s notice to arrange all the logistics for you, your cycling friends and your bikes

Bike packing: what happens in case of a mechanical issue?

Part of the unsupported scheme's fun is that you treat the bike like yours. In case of mechanical issues you may need to find solutions yourself, just as you would have done in case you were using your own gear. You may rely on local bike shops or find your own shuttle to the next town. If things get really complicated our hotline can accept your calls 24/7 and we will do the best to help you deal with any situation as promptly as possible.

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