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Luxury holidays in Greece for cycling enthusiasts

Greece offers an impeccable terrain for travellers who look to enjoy a day, a weekend or a whole week of stunning cycling. It is the only country in Europe that offers a unique combination of coastal scenrienies, mountains passes, empty roads and mild weather all year round. The cycling experience becomes really special when all these are coupled with hi end cuisine, luxury stay and an exceptional level of privacy and freedom.

Services for VIP & Luxury travel planners, Fully customisable cycling itineraries

Our travel specialists will work with you and ensure every little detail of your clientele’s time in Greece is defined and meticulously planned. Cycling itineraries come with significant challenges due to the number of variables they rely on; group's fitness level, weather conditions, time with family, terrain, accommodation standards and many more. We appreciate maintaining an open communication and working with travel professionals who are committed to deliver the best possible experience for their clients. Apart from itinerary recommendations found below, some of the trips we have realised in the past and could act as a base for future itineraries are:

Yachting and Cycling - Holiday

A luxury super yacht with four (4) families onboard was sailing along the south-east coast of the Peloponnese. Our onshore team was setting up daily morning rides for part of the guests’ group. A tender boat was getting them on shore, mainly at idyllic places and secret coves and the cycling setup was in place with snacks and information about the day’s plan. With a mild shuttle service usage, we managed to combine all various fitness levels in order for all guests to complete their ride at the same spot, re-joining and then getting on board the yacht.

Helicopter and Cycling - Business

A small group of business executives, all avid road cyclists, have visited Athens for a company event and it was planned for them to stay 10 days in the city. Working with their planner, we secured three available morning-afternoon slots to cycle on some of the best climbs in Greece. Using a heli-operator, the guests were transferred to remote sites, enjoyed their cycling on routes of unparalleled beauty and, at the end, they landed back at their hotel. They managed to ride in Meteora, the island of Kefalonia and Mt Parnassus. Our ground team was in place the moment the guest got out of the helicopter a one ex-pro rider was cycling along with the group.

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