Kosmas - Platanaki - Gorge Argiogitiko - Moni Elonis

88km / 1800 m

The ride begins with a 30km long climb towards the village of Kosmas. The elevation gain is approximately 1150m, but due to the long distance, the total incline is on average very pleasant and doable, without pushing the riders to their limits. It will only require from the riders to adopt a steady, comfortable pace, that will also allow all to watch the wonderful surrounding unfolding right in front of their eyes. The climb follows the main river of Leonidio. A constantly winding road gets the riders to the other side of the mountain, where the vegetation and landscape is totally different; from the “typical” reddish, steep rock formations along the river’s banks to a wonderful plateau of spruce trees and thinner air. A coffee break at the Kosmas village’s square is something that comes naturally, no cyclist should resist.

From Kosmas the scenery get completely wild. The road gets significantly narrower and changes character. A series of short, hilly parts gets the riders through the forest and running waters, plateaus and cliff edges. The way and the pace the surrounding landscape changes, had us fascinated and excited. All riders should consider making a stop to the remote village of Agios Vasilios. There is only one traditional cafe, where you can enjoy a coffee break - we believe that talking with the owner in english will not be effective, In that case you stick to hand gestures and say “greek coffee sketo” :-) . We also recommend having a short walk in the village and refill the water bottles from its springs of mineral water.

Descending back, and riding along the Agiorgitiko Gorge, is a thrilling experience. Perfect switchbacks, gentle incline, which allows riders to push for more, and amazing views are some of the highlights of this descent.

Note: Looking at the map it is quite obvious that Kosmas and Platanaki is connected with another part of the road network, which unfortunately does not offer the best road conditions. It is a stunningly beautiful road, however riders should remain cautious while covering this part of the forest. We had covered the same with our Roubaix’s using 28mm tyres. It was great!