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An idyllic fish town & a great cycling terrain


Why cycling in Ermioni is so nice?

To answer this question we need to examine this wonderful topic from various angles. Erimoni is an absolutely scenic little town, located at the north east side of the Peloponnese, at a peninsula called Argolis. We are quite positive that the first part of the peninsula's name, Argo, rings a bell of a famous story, where the a small army under the command of King Agamemnon sailed to Troy to get Helen back. Yeah, you know that... Achilles also joined the gang - there is also a Hollywood movie about that :-).

Ermioni is located by the beach side and offers a lot of options to explore either by bike or just hiking around. For instance, it will require just an hour of casual cycling to get you to the idyllic port of Costa, where you can take the ferry to Spetses island, with that not being the only island option you can exploit. From Ermioni port, which mean walking distance from anywhere you are staying in the that little town, you can catch the small catamaran type ferry and visit Poros and Hydra islands. An ideal plan would be to start in the morning and get back to Ermioni with the last ferry. That makes makes the time off-the-saddle interesting, full of images and nice excursions. But what happens with the cycling itself?

Cycling routes around the town of Ermioni

Apart from the convenience Ermioni offers, there is abundance in cycling routes here, ideal for all level of cyclists. As mentioned above, recreational riders can enjoy 1 - 2 hours of cycling on relatively flat terrain and use the bikes to explore the nearby beaches or other, smaller towns.

Avid cyclists and triathletes will also enjoy the landscape and the terrain around the town. There is a plethora of options from short, powerful rides of 50-70km to long ones full of elevation. In every case, the scenery is spectacular with the cyclists to make no compromises.

Traffic conditions perfect for cycling.

With the exception of local festivities taking place, something that makes people visiting Ermioni from the villages close by, cyclists should expect zero traffic conditions. Cycling along the main roads that connect Ermioni with Porto Heli, impose no dangers or experience fallouts. Drivers are generally calm and allow a lot of space when overtaking cyclists. If someone trout their horns at you, do not bother; it is a friendly gesture indicating: Allez, Allez! :-)

Cycling Vacations with the family: YES!

Combing morning rides with an excellent degree of comfort and tranquility for all the family, cannot get more convenient than this. The town is safe, ideal for the kids to walk through the its picturesque alleys and, why not, connect with other kids, which play around - dozens of parents choose this destination because of this.

Staying in close to the centre of Ermioni, and based on our experience, prompts everybody to sneak out and do their "own thing". Whether that is reading a book, cycling, hiking to the other side of the port, or just visiting the town, all remain in close proximity ready to rejoin for dinner.

Undoubtedly, one of the best assets of Ermioni is the food; the restaurant businesses here rely on locals, driving the quality far away from mass tourism standards. Do not miss to taste the fresh fish, the local recipes and allow yourselves to accept a generous amount of hospitality from the restaurant owners. The love what they do.

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Is cycling safe in Greece

How safe is cycling / biking in Greece?

Cycling in Greece is wonderfully Safe! Read about drivers behaviour, road conditions & personal safety while cycling Greece. An objective study conducted by our team, which aims to provide the cycling community with reliable and credible information.

Arrival gate for delivering you bike rental at Athens Airport

Bike Rental Delivery at Athens Airport

We can have your bike rental delivered straight at the Athens Airport. Let us know your flight details, your car rental company and how to find you. Our staff will met you there and deliver you the bike without any dealys. Not enough space? Worry not, we can provide you with a bike rack to get your bike anywhere without any logistical hassles.
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How the delivery costs are being calculated? Is booking earlier better?

A sophisticated system constantly checks both our vans locations and at which of our hubs have the available for your request bikes. Basis those inputs it calculates the costs most optimised and efficient scenario, for us to deliver you bike. The earlier we know about that the better it is.

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Rent your bike everywhere in Greece

Athens, Peloponnese or Greek Islands, there is no restriction to where we can deliver your bike rental. In fact we are taking this a step further: just select two different locations that you want your trip to start and end leave all the rest to us. Another great idea is to book your flights on different airports and design a trip that connects those destinations.
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No matter if your are cycling to explore a region in Greece or to keep up with your fitness goals, our rental bike fleet covers every need you have. We share the same cycling culture and we know how important renting a proper bike is.