Ridley Ignite SXL Sram Eagle

Premium Series

Carbon frame, SRAM Eagle, Rockshox 100mm

Ignite is a very lightweight 29er hardtail created right from the XC competition. Excellent power transfer due to its built-in stiffness. Its tapered head tube increases front end stiffness for optimal steering and control. Thru-axles add to its stiffness, as does its integrated postmount disc brakes.

To build in comfort, Ridlley has worked meticulously on their tubing design as well as their materials layup to create the ultimate hardtail that cruises at high speeds over the most arduous terrain. Internal cable routing keeps the cables clean, while giving the bike that tidy look.

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Rockshox 100mm


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About the Ridley Ignite SXL Sram Eagle

The Ignite C29 uses a proprietary blend of High Modulus and High Resistance carbon fibres. After various computer simulations and extensive testing we strategically placed High modulus fibres to improve the stiffness and torsional rigidity. On specific frame sections, where a High Modulus fibre would be too brittle, we use High Resistance fibres as a reinforcement, to increase the impact resistance. To save weight we decided to eliminate the cosmetic outer carbon layer, showing only the Unidirectional fibres underneath. The result is a hardtail frame that distributes all loads and stresses in the best possible way to ensure optimal performance and durability. Used frame materials: ฀ 30 ton High Modulus & High Resistance Unidirectional Carbon ฀ 24 ton High Modulus Unidirectional Modulus Carbon ฀ Stainless steel (drop out protection plates)

The Ignite C29 is compatible with both rigid and suspension forks, from various suppliers. The frame geometry is suited for 80mm or 100mm travel forks. Because the frame has a tapered headtube (1 1/8” to 1 1/2”), we advise to use forks with tapered steerer. This will give best stiffness and steering precision. However, it is possible to use forks with a non-tapered 1 1/8” steerer by using a compatible headset/fork ring.