Below you may find our pricelist for the most straight forward scenarios, along with a few key points

Send us and email

Provide us with all details of your plan during your time in Greece (dates, times, flights, itinerary)

Storing your bike case, box or other personal belongings: FREE!

Yes, we have plenty of space and there is no need to require overheads or premiums from cyclists who want to do their planning and enjoy the best of cycling in Greece. Whether you are looking to store your bike case for a day, a month or more, there is no extra charge.

Collect & Deliver the bike box anywhere in Attica: €120 / bike case

Weather you stay at a hotel in the heart of Athens or at a remote villa close to the beach side, you just want us to collect your bike at a port and deliver it back at the airport the cost is flat. No surprises, no hidden costs. We are pretty flexible with the times and we can support you all days of the week.
Out-of-office hours: extra charges may apply if you require us to collect and deliver you bike case very early in the morning or late in evening.

Bike assembly or bike packing: €50

Our mechanics will pack or unpack your bike and follow your instructions. That will save you time and keep your hands clean 🙂

Airport Shuttle for Riders

  • Rider + bike box to / from the airport: 120 euro / rider one way
  • Rider + bike box to / from the airport: 190 euro / rider two ways
  • Anywhere in Attica

Drop / collect the bike box at anywhere in Greece: €350 / bike case

This will enable you to drop off your bike case at one city (e.g. Athens) and collect it from another (e.g Thessaloniki). We have partners throughout all Greece that we can rely on to safely act as a short term storage solution until our logistical chain takes over.
Note: we may need to stick our partners’ open hours. (Athens is excluded)
Place we cover at the moment: Athens, Nafplio, Porto Heli, Kalamata, Leonidio, Andros, Tinos, Delphi Area, Navarino, Ioannina, Larisa, Trikala, Tripoli, Alexandroupoli, Heraklion, Chania. Please ask us in case your destination is not listed here.

Let us know in advance

All bike box storage / transfer requests must be previously confirmed. Due to our in advance logistics planning, we will not be able to accept storing your bike box by showing up in our warehouse.

Send us and email

Provide us with all details of your plan during your time in Greece (dates, times, flights, itinerary)

Safely store your bike box

As cyclists ourselves, we have designed this Bike Box service around three main aspects

  • reliability
    when something is confirmed, there will be no delays, no surprises, not missing things. We expect you and your cycling friends to make the most of your time in Greece, therefore we ensure to carry out all the logistics by 100% following your plan.
  • flexibility
    you can request for everything you might need. From asking us some extra wrapping material or a special toolset,  to delivering your bike boxes in every part of Greece, we got it covered. You plan your cycling days, let us to carry all the logistics load.
  • affordability
    the service is priced only for the resources needed to carry out the logistics, not for the space your bike box is taking up from our shop.

Flying into Greece with your bike

Our trips in almost every part of the world, has filled us with a lot of experiences. We had the chance to explore and ride on wonderful, stunning places. We feel grateful that the airline companies are constantly expanding their network, connecting more destinations and providing the cyclists with a plethora of options.

Flying into Greece is not an exception. The country’s thriving tourism industry demands more and frequent flights, which has resulted the number of the new direct connections between destinations to be constantly increasing.

Currently (Jan 19), Athens International Airport is under a major expansion with new terminals to be added soon. At the same time, a dozen of smaller airports located in the other parts of Greece (Ioannina, Akteo, Kastoria etc) are being modernized and soon they will be ready to accommodate a significant part of the inbound traffic. There is a tremendous promotional strategy already set in action, with airline companies and travel industry majors investing in new ways for travellers to discover greece.

Storing your bike box… always a pain

Thinking of our preparation period for an upcoming cycling holiday, we have to admit that in some cases the time we have spent trying to find a solution for the logistics related to the bike boxes, was… a lot. Shall the cycling plan becomes more adventurous (e.g. flying in/out from two different airports) that instantly means a logistic hassle and a risk of not having a 100% proof solution that will ensure not wasting any of the cycling time.

Our Ethics on Paying for a storage space

Applying the simplest set of reasoning and logic, we completely understand the every part of the productive chain of human activity, requires resources. We drive to the centre, we go there fast, and we park our car.

Over the years this convenience had become a norm and created a new perception on this matter. Now more people are reaching the “centre” by car. Consequently,, this convenience has a premium, since the available space is not enough. therefore, our example becomes: We drive to the centre, we go there fast, and if we are lucky we do not pay, otherwise we pay a fee to a parking lot.

Many years have passed and the situation had become even more practical. We drive to the centre, we go there not so fast anymore, and we take no chance to check if we are lucky, we just pay.

The revenues the parking lots businesses and all the related to that industry generate, are just the value our convenience when driving to the “centre”. But apparently, we are not driving only to the “centre”, but everywhere. Projecting that on a larger scale, while factoring in the insane amount of cars, available spaces, especially in the metropolitan areas, are getting extremely valuable. So much, that landowners now consider leaving those spaces as they are, as no investment can be quite profitable.

Space to park the cars, not space where people can enjoy

So, we set the following question? What this reality has to do with the essense of cycling? We leave the answer to yourselves. Our practices however, cannot support that. Space for bikes and their accessories are always going to be free if provide by us.