Okay… we know that our software is not about nuclear physics, but we are still looking for a reason why it so hard to find rental systems to mach the riders height. In our case, things have just gotten a bit easier.

Fuzz about which size is the correct one

There are hundreds of different bike manufacturers, with excellent products. From carbon, hi-end roads bikes, all the way to steel commuters and cargo e-bikes. We love every single piece of them. However, each one of them uses different standards when it comes to bike sizing. Some prefer to use “small”, “large” etc labels to size their products, while others use some inches, such as 52, 54 ,58. But this is not the end. It is quite often that a same sized bike from two different manufacturers, end up having significant sizing differences. If you ride a medium bike, it doesn’t mean that your next bike should be the same. Imagine how difficult that can get when you rent a bike for your holidays.

Your height, the key for renting a suitable bike

Based on both the manufacturers specifications and our experience of fitting hundred of cyclists, all of the bikes indexed by our software, are mapped according to the rider’s height they are suitable for. That way users can easily rent a bike without worrying if their rental is suitable or not. Just the input of each rider is enough for us to allocate proper sized bikes.