Cycling trips redesigned

We have redesigned the way how the towns and cities are coded when a a cycling trip is designed and published. What has changed is that now you can discover cycling trips and events in the region or town your are looking to rent a bike or checking out for cycling routes our staff has uploaded.

Moreover, you can discover related trips or events that are happening in the same region as you, with the ones being closer to appear as more related and higher in the search results.


Imagine that you are checking out some of the routes we have selected for you around the Nafplio. The scenic town of Nafplio is located at the prefecture of Argolis, which is part of the greater region of Peloponnese. The new layout will enable you to see various trips / events that primarily include Nafplio in their itineraries and then to browse through others that take place in the region of the Peloponnese.

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