The legend has it that the spring was named after Pasa San Riza who dwelled in Evia. His fez (Turkish hat) fell into a stream and was washed away in a spring in the village Apoikia in Andros Island. On this ground, it is believed that the two islands were connected.

The exact date of the renovation of the marble font of the spring is vague, yet we know that it was founded in 1787 under the supervision of Makarios Polemis who also funded the whole project. It was optimized mainly for household use, for watering gardens and for washing clothes by the women of the village.

The quantity of this water remains stable. The water has healing properties, thus in 1932 under royal charter, it was suggested that it cures kidney ailments and many other diseases.

It is an undisputed fact that the healing waters of the spring were fully deployed in 1929 when a factory was constructed to bottle it and export it to numerous markets. The water travelled throughout the globe and gained great reputation due to its therapeutic properties and its credibility. Furthermore, it is often compared to Evian, the renowned mineral water because of its exquisite features.

There is a sign next to the spring with the following saying

Hi stranger, remember,
whenever you return to your homeland,
you owe your life to me.