We are passionate about cycling, something that makes us quite excited to support you in any kind of cycling activity you are planning. Therefore we have created an exciting service to set absolutely no limits when you plan a cycling trip.

Athens, Peloponnese or Greek Islands?

There is no problem for us to deliver your bike anywhere. Through a complex network of partners and storage hubs scattered out through all Greece, we created a reliable and efficient service to ensure you get your bike in every town or region in Greece

Plan your trip with no restrictions: different start and finish locations

Currently our software, using advanced algorithms, predicts the availability and calculates how we should run the logistics so that you to get your rental bike from one place and drop it off at another. It also combines shipments and rental orders from other cyclists, who have rented their bikes in regions close to you, always ensuring the best possible offer.

The only thing our system would require is for you to select those two location. Leave all the rest to us.

Book your flights on different airports

Many cyclists take advantage of the huge discounts offered by the airlines early in the year. That may results flying in and out, not only to offer a great opportunity to connect the destinations where the airports are found, but only to come with a very attractive pricing. Some of those “exotic requests” we had the chance to work on was:

  • Thessaloniki to Athens
  • Athens to Kalamata
  • Athens to Mykonos or Rhodes
  • Ionannina to Kalamata

and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Browse through our routes, combine them in every way you want and plan the trip of your life. No compromises, no restrictions.

Note: Developing this project took us 2 years and a lot of feedback from the cycling communities from all around the worlds. We really hope that you like it 🙂