Palaiopolis is an ancient settlement in Andros, which thrived from the Classical era till the prevalence of the Roman Empire. Its ancient port, nowadays partially sunk, is particularly impressive and frequently observed by scuba divers. The picturesque villages and the flourishing yards of the houses draw the attention of visitors, who are given the opportunity to explore the place by following the central path that ends up to the beach. There is also an archaeological museum, which exhibits artifacts excavated in the area as well as other pertinent information about life in ancient Andros.

Cycling uphill is not that hard

When cyclists spot the sign to Paleopolis, they begin to have second thought whether they should go down that road or not. Indeed, it looks very steep, but it reality the grade is challenging, but impossible. The bikes can be dropped off at the main parking lot in front of this building and accessing the beach side is on foot. Leaving the bike there is perfectly safe, but locking them is even better 🙂 . Following the trail that starts from there, would be only thing needed to reach the sea level, a great spot to enjoy some rest.

Tips for cyclists

  • When you follow the path and you come across a fence, or something similar that blocks the way, you are welcome to open it, but mind closing it again, to avoid and sheeps or goats escaping the private property.
  • If you are using clipped in shoes, mind to bring a pair of flops with you. Walking down the trail with cleat type shoes, is not an experience we recommend 🙂
  • Using an MTB or a gravel bike can get you all the way to the beach side. Pure joy!
  • There is no kiosk or taverna where you can buy water or food from once you leave the main road. You may buy all you need before you descend towards the beach side.