A great cycling spot, ideal for a quick break

Historically, the Towers of Andros belonged to prominent families. According to records, the erection of such edifices began during the 17th century as they provided both accommodation and protection. The adjustment and development of the old Andriotic house provided safety to the residents from the attacks of pirates. It’s particularly impressive to notice that incorporated to the doors of each castle, there were murder holes from which boiling water was poured to invaders.

On this case Pyrgos Mpistis was built early in the 17th century and has two storage compartments and many rooms. Going from one room to the other, was feasible with a moving ladder, no stairs, indicating the need from safety and protection.

The degree of isolation was so big that at the upper compartment, the owners have built a dovecote ensuring enough food and provisions for the residence.

It is believe that the need for protection was mainly to secure the great wealth shipping families had accumulated over the years, against looters and pirates.

Where to find that: https://goo.gl/maps/iCzKjAd9iy6rbCAA9

Cycling Tips when you visit the site

The last time we visited the tower, we didn’t notice any access to water or toilet facilities. Also, if you plan to have to cycling break here, bring a pair of flops or wear your training shoes, since walking any clipped shoes is going to be a hassle.

There is no fee for visit the tower, but be cautious when you enter inside; the building in quite old.