Despite all the restrictions and the lockdowns due to covid, nothing can stop the nature for sharing some of its perks this time of year.

March a wonderful month to cycle

The weather in Greece is friendly for cycling all year around. During mid to end of February, a couple of cold weeks signal what is next. SPRINGTIME! Today, March 10th 2021, is the first day that the temperature averages above 18c throughout the whole daylight. Therefore we could help it, we had to go cycling no matter what.

We chose to do a very relaxed and nice ride around the middle part of Attica.

Porto Rafti, Anavissos and Lagonisi

The smells and views of flowers captivated our spirits and feelings. We couldn’t stop looking at the verdant hill sides and breath it the smells from blossoming lemon trees.

We strongly recommend cyclists to visit Greece this time of year and join us on our daily rides. The mood is always cheerful with a generous dose of romanticism.