“… Leonidio is not flat …”

What you need to know in order to enjoy your cycling days in Leonidio

To describe it in a direct and straightforward way, Leonidio region is NOT flat 🙂 Cycling out of the valley, where the town of Leonidio is located, would require from the riders to put at least of a 30 – 40 mins effort to climb a 500m uphill road. The elevation found here is in abundance and cyclists should have the needed fitness level to enjoy those wonderful sceneries.

The landscape will demand an extremely good fitness level and experience in using road bikes. Due to the altitude difference the weather conditions are subjected to great differences, and the cyclists should be capable of dealing with them.

E-bike: will that work?

Using an ebike is a great option to avoid putting yourself undergo unnecessary and strenuous efforts. With the assistance of an electrical engine you can easily navigate throught the smaller villages and towns, without compromises.

Taking an extra battery will not be necessary, since within the range of 40-50km, the minimum expected mileage from using an ebike, you will find plenty of villages, where you can relax, enjoy a coffee and change your battery.