A breathtaking place to visit by bike

The location has been chosen by the first settlers of Andros during the 10th century BC. Historians are yet to explain how and why they arrive at this place. The most amazing factor is how.

This part of Andros island is a steep, naturally fortified, remote peninsula. Examing the ruins, someone notices the unusual structure of their residences which probably acted as camouflage, hiding their presence from the sea. Moreover, the settlers had erected strong walls to enhance their natural fortification. The multiple adversities and perils that residents evidently contended at those times, and led them to take all those measures of protection, constitute a still unresolved issue for scientists to this day.

How to get there by bike and a few cycling tips.

To approach that part of Andros, you will need to hike down a trail, the one that gets you to Zagora. If order to do so, you will have to lock your bikes at the trails entry point or somewhere on the main road.

Alternately, you may cycle down the gravel segment, until the roads becomes too rough. You can lock you bike there.

Where you can find that place: https://goo.gl/maps/PSH9sq8pRbPFCB9w7

Please mind, that there is no restaurant or grocery store in close proximity, hence having water and food with you should be previously taken care of. The closest option would be at the main intersection on your enroute from/to Andros, where you can find a taverna. To our knowledge, this taverna is open during the summer months, but we are not sure of its status for the rest of the year. Hopefully, the more the cyclists visiting the place the better the chances are for all us to enjoy their services longer 🙂

Tip: right at the top of the site, a stunning, ultimately secluded beach is visible. In order to get there, you need to head back the trail and turn left approximately one kilometre after leaving from Ancient Zagora.