Cover every cycling request

GrCycling Project was created from people passionate about cycling. All of us are cyclists and we are thrilled riding our bikes. Whether your are cycling for fun exploring a place or achieving your fitness/training goals, one thing is for sure; We share the same culture. Over the years, that has proved the most valuable asset while building up our bike rental fleet.

Rent a bike for every purpose

Are you a road racer? Looking for an ebike to get all the way up to the mountain and setup a nice pic-nik? You are ready to combine cycling and family vacations or just you want to create your own touring adventure in Greece? How a about a little bit of gravel?

No matter your goal or need, we will make it happened. Currently our activities cover:

  • individual bike rentals
  • bikes for trips organised by us or others
  • events (charity, company, pre wedding!, others)
  • races

Building our fleet: a process that never ends

Selecting bikes for cover the most of the cycling needs out there, is not an easy task. If you think that just negotiating a large number of bikes from one particular manufacturer solves all the problems, we are sad to inform you that this is not the case.

Manufacturers normally plan their bike productions a couple of years ahead, introducing their new models and novelties in design and engineering. Their efforts to minimise the production’s exposure to any market risks (i.e. ending up having a lot of unsold bikes) resulted in them not being flexible to offer a number of 30 – 50 or more bikes for delivery within 6 to 9 months after placing the order. Yeah, that goes for all the manufacturers, even the most well known, fancy ones.

At the same, it is hard to collect the feedback from our customers on models that haven’t been on the market, for us to ensure byuing the ones the cycling communities like, or better, avoid procuring bikes that cyclists do not want. Yeah, cyclists have particular tastes when it comes to what they prefer (color, geometry etc), but all opinions converge when it comes to what the despise (e.g. cheap, non branded carbon wheels or not safe to use e-bike engines).

Therefore, year after year we buy a smaller number of bikes (typically 10 -20 bikes per type) to cover most of the sizes and the most of the needs. Also, we remain flexible when it comes to taking advantage of the momentum and add to our fleet some nicely built bikes.